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Batman: Arkham Origins

New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer Shows The Evolution Of Bruce Wayne

With Batman: Arkham Origins out in just over a week, Warner Bros. has released a new trailer to remind us where the Dark Knight started. The video follows Bruce Wayne from traumatized child to hardened vigilante.

Batman: Arkham Origins is Warner Bros. Montreal's prequel to Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum and Arkham City titles. The game features a young Batman facing an assembly of assassins commissioned by Black Mask to put the hero down for good.

Batman: Arkham Origins is out worldwide on October 25, 2013. For more, check out a recent preview of our fight with Deathstroke.

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  • Is Vin Diesel Batman?

  • Pretty powerful and well done.  Just wish they showed gameplay instead of CG.

  • Awesome quick peak into the tortured soul that is Bruce Wayne.. I hope this is the best Arkham game yet, can't wait to crack heads.

  • Bruce looks like GSP (ufc fighter)..and was he at boarding school of what? looks like he was getting raped.... at 24 seconds in..
  • For the type of trailer it is, gameplay would have ruined what it was going for. I'm sure you'll get your gameplay trailer soon. That said, it could have been a tad longer. Just a tad... But it has the potential to be a teaser and be extended later on.

  • Now I am suddenly interested  :3

  • I really liked this trailer, I wish it was longer.

  • This trailer had so much potential to be awesome...

    Continue with a fight scene as cool as the one we saw earlier with Deathstroke, and this would've been downloaded on my Computer for rewatching later, just like the one with Deathstroke and lots of other well-done video game cinematic trailers from other games.

  • pumped to get my hands on this one, found it odd that it has a Friday release date but realistically is there a better day of the week to release games? haha

  • Amazing. Can't wait.

  • looks like vin diesel lol

  • Bruce Wayne looks more like Tom Hardy with the bald look, hehe.

  • nice

  • The League of Shadows cut was awesome.   They should try and imitate the lengthy Dead Island "backwards" trailer. From Batman getting punched and going down, flashback all the way to his parents, then back again with Batman standing up again, determined, and punching Bane.  It would have been cooler.

  • Where is the BatFleck?

  • damn it I want this so bad but I really need to hold out for next gen

  • WORST VIDEO PLAYER EVER. Can you guys just post the link to youtube?
  • Looks dope as f**k! Bald Bruce Wayne looked weird lol

  • Now that is a perfect example of less is best.  Well done!!!  One of my favorite trailers of all time.  Simple, short and still powerful.

  • Great trailer, though he looks weird with a shaved head. Anywho I got bored of this series after a while. It was cool and and great, but after a while I tired of the steady backtracking and whatnot. I mean plenty of games do that, but these are games that I can't stand it in for some reason. May be the always-dark palette, never was a fan of that or how serious everything is. Puts me to sleep lol. That might also be why I'm one of the few who enjoyed the crazy, campy Batman and Robin movie.