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Batman: Arkham Origins

NYCC Arkham Origins Trailer Reveals A New Assassin Hunting Batman

Unless you are a more serious DC Comics fan, you likely haven't heard the name "Electrocutioner" before. Lester Buchinsky is a criminal and thug that uses electricity generated by his costume to assail his foes. We'll be taking him on in Batman: Arkham Origins.

This trailer, filmed by a fan at New York Comic Con, reveals that Electrocutioner works for Penguin. It appears that the fight takes place aboard Penguin's mobile arms market, the Final Offer. Why he's working with Penguin is something we'll just have to wait to find out.

Batman: Arkham Origins is out on October 25, 2013, for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. You can read our recent preview featuring the Penguin's lair and a fight with Deathstroke here.

Footage courtesy of CyberAceGaming.

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  • Pretty cool, can't wait for this to come up!! Just paid my pre-order off this weekend, all I have left is Shadowfall and Blackflag for PS4 to pay off.

  • So, only one more assassin to be revealed. I wonder who'll it be. Any guesses?
  • Mod
    The hype is starting to crank back up again! I'm hoping that The Court of Owls make an appearance. Fingers crossed.

    People keep listing off Batman characters. So near-sighted. Batman has an entire DC Universe to beat up.
  • "I'll kill you, jumpstart your heart, then kill you again"

    Wow, he's far more evil and malicious than I remember.
  • Wait... is the Joker being counted as an assassin? If so, that's the last one.
  • I bet the last assassin is Bat-Mite.
  • pretty darn good!

  • Looking rather good!!!!

  • I guess we know how he gets those shock gloves.

  • Getting me more hyped with every trailer

  • BATMAN is like what? another thug i can beat up.

  • Despite his prominence in the multiplayer and story, Joker isn't being counted as one of the eight assassins so, if we're counting Electrocutioner, we still have two more to be revealed. I'm hoping Scarecrow shows up as one of the extra villains Batman can go up against, his segments in Arkham Asylum are still some of my favorite in the entire series.

  • You know that the video could have been, and most likely was, illegally filmed without DC or the NYCC or the game creators permission?

  • An interesting boss, surely.

  • Steve Blum is voicing him?! Officially my favorite assassin

  • i hope the last assassins is some crazy random boss like brainiac or man-bat hahaha that would be interesting

  • I definitely need to go to comic con one of these days:) Awesome video:)

  • This is kind of a bitter-sweet moment for me, when I heard rumors of an electrical based assassin and how the creators were trying to "include more female characters" I hoped Livewire would be among the big 8. Still, I never heard of this guy (which is weird considering my Bat-knowledge!) so I'm excited to learn more about him. Who knows, the game might be full of LOTS of hidden fun for us to enjoy, only playing it will tell!