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Deathstroke's Playable Challenge Maps Revealed In New Trailer

In many ways, he's the opposite side of Batman's coin. Deathstroke is a trained martial artist with an arsenal of gadgets at his disposal. Where Batman hunts the night for justice, Deathstroke stalks his victims for pay.

The Deathstroke Challenge Pack comes with pre-orders of Batman: Arkham Origins. The bundle includes two challenge maps and three Deathstroke skins. The trailer below also gives us a peek at the new 100-to-1 mode.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be out on October 25, 2013, on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The Deathstroke pre-order bonus applies to all consoles. If you want to find out more what it's like to fight the masked assassin, read our recent preview.

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  • Was kinda hoping Deathstroke would be playable during the story, like Catwoman for Arkham City.

    Also, this is the first gameplay video I've watched of the game. Didn't realize the gameplay would be so...similar to previous titles. I hope they brought in new mechanics or something.
  • I liked Death-stroke best in the Teen Titans cartoon. What a badass.
  • Freakin awesome!

  • Already pre ordered!
  • I wish these characters were available as 'skins' to play as over the main campaign - I never touch the challenge maps. I had originally bought Arkham City thinking you could play as Nightwing. >.
  • Well that was pretty cool! I'm glad I pre-ordered this, Deathstroke always was my favorite comic book villain.

  • Yep, Deathstroke > Batman
  • Some things I just want to say:

    1) I like the 100-1 mode for Deathstroke, its all the combat challenges you could want in one but I honestly like Predator challenges better and would prefer more for him.

    2) Figured theyd add the Injustice costume for him XD

    3) I wish they would of added a Deathstroke side story in the a what-if story or whatever going from his accepting the contract to him tracking down the batman, fighting some of the other assassins for the contract, maybe some villains Batman himself didnt even face, and actually taking down the Bat.

    4) Pleasantly surprised with Deathstrokes gameplay style. I think there was a gameplay video of him before and he looked like a Tim Drake Robin clone from Arkham City but he looks like he has more finesse than Nightwing with more flashy moves to boot. Kudos!!

  • oct 25 come fast!

  • Deathstroke is absolutely a bad mofo..

  • That... really didn't sell me on it. In fact, I was looking forward to them really changing up the playstyle with Deathstroke. He kills. He uses guns -and- various melee/ranged weapons. I'd imagine him to be a lot more like Boba Fett with better melee skills rather than... this.
  • this game look sick and this is a map I will be playing.

  • He just uses a bunch of reused Robin animations with some Batman thrown in for variety. I honestly expected more from this character.

  • That is looking very snazzy.

  • Wish you could use his Sword and Arsenal of weapons instead of a Bo Staff/Gun thing but still excited!!!!

  • How disappointing! I thought we evolved past the need for the "win medals in these tiny arenas" concept in the Arkham series, I was really looking forward to free-roaming as Deathstroke and maybe enjoying a few side missions (similar to how Catwoman was a free-roaming character in Arkham City).

    I really don't like being confined to a small (granted they look bigger than the arenas in the past games) challenge maps. We've had legendary and badass characters extremely limited by this in two games already (Robin, Nightwing, & Joker) but I guess it's too late to change it... :(

  • I had been really pumped for this, but i wanted him in free-roam. He looks like he plays the same way robin did. This is really a large disappointment.

  • Not all that into the challenge maps, but I can't wait to play this game.

  • Huh. 100 VS 1? That's interesting. Can't wait to play this.

    And another thing: WHERE'S THE ****ING DEMO ON PSN?!?!?!

  • His fighting style seems to be a mix between batman's fighting stalye and robin's. Still lcant wait to become "THE BATMAN".

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