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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Teasing Reveal In Three Days

Through the official Batman: Arkham Origins Twitter and Instagram accounts, Warner Bros. is teasing some kind of reveal to take place in three days.

This image has appeared a few times over the last few days on the Twitter account:

While this far more ambiguous image has appeared on the Instagram account:

Finally this image has also appeared on Twitter:

Do you have any guesses on what is getting teased here? It looks like it (or they) involve explosives. Whatever it is, we'll find out more in three days.

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  • Firefly maybe.

  • Some villain that I haven't heard about before. One of those that are not as well-known.

  • It's probably Firefly. Those look like incendiary grenades.
  • Probably another assassin, this is a long shot but I'm going to say Prometheus. I hope victor zsasz is going to be in this game.

  • This is gonna be awesome!

  • A man's wife is his Life, Mr. Ups man.
  • Theft from buildings lead me to believe it was going to be Catwoman, but after seeing the grenades I was thrown off. I think the other guys are right about it being firefly, they teased him enough in the last two games. The only other assassins I'd like to see would be Merlyn and some members of the League of Assassins like Lady Shiva. Maybe Ra's will show up and we'll actually get to fight him and not some sand form of him.
  • Interesting...

  • Ratcatcher?
  • My bet is on it possibly being a revamped Lockout from BTAS. But Firefly is much more likely.
  • Are there more announcements after this? I want David Cain and KGBeast
    Also why does everyone keep bringing up Prometheus? He wasn't even a batman villain he was a justice league villain with parralels to batman, he was barely even referenced in AA and now people won't shut up about him
  • A new assassin reveal?  Yes, please!

  • Ah And finally, Batman is getting the game (and film) series that do them justice (each in their own way)

    Man, whoever(or whatever) these pics tease, I was hooked the moment they announced a new Batman game was being made

    Love this series :)

  • Maybe it's KGBeast but it's most likely Firefly or maybe it's someone else entirely :D!!
  • I honestly wanna say Joe Chill, thatd be so awesome to have the confrontation between Batman and his parents killer in the game.

    I think its Wrath, the Anti-Batman...whoever it is seems heavily armed so maybe him, or Prometheus or Firefly (either one would still be awesome). Although they did say there would be alot more of the forgotten Batman villains in the game so who knows it may really be wrath. This game has so much potential for villain appearances.

  • Maybe he's the more badass Calender Man that would be great, lol.

  • It is strange that Rocksteady should release a sequel to the original Arkham Asylum within two years and still and now Arkham Origins (which I'm sure would be awesome) and still deliver amazing story and environment and gameplay while Square Enix needs six to seven years to release FF games (I don't count the spin offs mind you) Even dragon age inquisition seems to be great, but we'll have to see it to judge The Japanese reminds me of George RR Martin, man this guy is a slow writer
  • It is very, very simple for a DC/Batman fan. You just have to know what villains use grenades (in the Twitter pic) and which of those are primarily known for theft (listed in the GCPD wanted poster).
  • Well, there are grenades and maybe a gas mask or something. I don't know who that could be.
  • firefly

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