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Batman: Arkham Origins

Multiplayer Features Joker, Bane, And The Dynamic Duo

Fans have often questioned what a multiplayer scenario for the Arkham series might look like. Today, we get our first look at three-team competitive play for Batman: Arkham Origins.

In the trailer below, we see three-man teams led by Bane and Joker facing off. But there's a twist. Batman and Robin are on the scene, making for interesting asymmetrical action.

The criminals seem to use a variety of gadgets and guns, with the dynamic duo having access to grapnel guns, batarangs, cape gliding, and in Robin's case, a staff. The multiplayer mode is being developed by Splash Damage, who most recently released the ambitious, but flawed, Brink. Batman: Arkham Origins arrives on October 25, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.

The online mode will not be available on Wii U.

For more on Batman: Arkham Origins, check out our coverage from May 2013.

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  • WHAT?! No online for Wii U?! That's ridiculous. :( It's as if they want the Wii U edition to sell poorly.
  • 1. Not having an online mode for Wii U is dumb. You're just telling them to not buy it.
    2. Am I the only one who thinks that top image looks last gen?
    Edit: hey guys, they changed the image to one that looks actually good. The original had Batman and Robin, not Bane, just an FYI.
  • Why no online for Wii U? I'm tired of these lazy ports. Do publishers actually expect us to buy things like the Wii U version of this when it's missing key features?
  • So sad they feel the need to shoehorn multiplayer into every single game now a days. Why not spend that time and money thinking up new innovative systems for the single player campaign? You know, the whole reason everyone is buying it to begin with.
  • Holy Crap! Awesome!

  • Wow... I definitely had this reserved for the Wii U. Looks like I'm going to have to switch it over to the PS3 unfortinately. That's just a dumb & poor decision to leave out online.

  • I'm not quite sure how this works: one person on each bad guy team gets to be a supervillain, while the other two are just random grunts? I guess it would make sense for Joker and Bane to make up for a loss in firepower with the unique abilities they hint at in the trailer. A bit worried that Splash Damage is working on this, but Brink was an ambitious game with its heart in the right place, though flawed.
  • Made from the people who made Brink... yeah I'm not going to hold my breathe, but it does look interesting though. I don't why but I Lol'd when it said no WiiU version.
  • I'm really not liking this idea. The developer that's on it now doesn't know how to make good games. Not too excited about this game now.
  • So they throw multiplayer into Tomb Raider and everyone says it's stupid because it doesn't need it. Now that they are putting it into Batman, a series that has been heralded for its brilliant single player, people are complaining about it being left out of one version. What is wrong with you people? Also, am I the only one who noticed the part that it's being developed by the same people who made Brink? Seriously folks.
  • Mod

    Edit: Ne--nevermind. This looks pretty bad.
  • i would have liked co-op more give us a few huge rooms with bad guys so then us two can plan, who to take out and when.
  • My heart just exploded from excitement. I think I will pre-order this later on today. Btw the way Bane looks awesome.

  • I'd rather they focus on singleplayer
  • This should be interesting- I imagine it as predator and combat challenge maps pitting two teams against each other.
  • Why does Nintendo keep shooting themselves in the foot? Not everyone will be into the MP but when you're offering less for a product that is priced the same as your competitors that are offering more, I don't understand the reason.
  • I think is another team developing the multiplayer right?, still looks good, but I will only play as the dinamic duo if I ever play this multiplayer.
  • At first I was mad about no online for Wii U, but then I saw that it was made by the dev's of Brink. Never mind.
    EDIT: On the bright side, I can say that I was correct about how the multiplayer would work.
  • Please don't screw it up Please don't screw it up Please don't screw it up
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