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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Demolishes Crime In E3 2013 Trailer

The official E3 2013 trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins has dropped, and it's a doozy.

Check out the trailer below to see how the Batman deals with a $50,000,000 hit put out on him, and dive deeper with Tim Turi's extensive hands-on preview.

Visit our E3 News Headquarters for all the stories from the show.

  • Joker sounds strange...I miss Mark.

  • OK...preorder for me.  I am in LOVE!!!!!!

  • So, the new voice actors for The Bat and Joker are pretty f*cking boss.

  • I'm going to call it now, this will be better than both previous entries. My only concern was that art style looked a bit more cartoonish than it's predecessors. I liked the serious, realistic look previously.. Maybe I'm just seeing things though.

  • Looks to be as promising and good as Arkham City was. I'm really looking forward to this even more now. And despite Hamil not, the Joker being back is awesome.

  • I have one complaint the graphics are simply not on par with Arkham Asylum/City, but this is not the final version of the game so im guessing they're still polishing the graphics (hopefully). But besides that every thing looks great, and I cant wait! I'm going  to pre-order.

  • Um.....jesus tittyfucking christ this game looks awesome.

  • JOKER YAAAAAY!! This game looks great AND it's released in my birthday month.

  • Deathstrock,Bane,blackmask and Joker...Alright gentlemen you have my attention.

  • Troy Baker is doing a great job voicing the joker. I thought i would be disappointed but it was not bad at all.

  • Forget about the other games. This is my most anticipated game of this year!

  • That's not Kevin Conroy voicing Batman, is it?
    I'm not saying I have a problem with it. The new guy sounds great, just noticing it.
  • Nice of you to drop in! :D

  • Is WB Montreal planning to announce any Collector's editions?

  • Its looks kool but never got into the series.

  • Hot damn.

  • First chapter?!  Third...duh.

  • Great cgi and more of the same fun gameplay.
    Look forward to a rich storyline.