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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Teaser Trailer Pits Batman Against Deathstroke

The first teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins showcases clips from a full trailer that will be premiering a little bit later this month. We get to see Batman take on the villain he recently shared the spotlight with on the cover of our Arkham Origins issue, Deathstroke.

The full trailer will premiere on May 20, and Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U on October 25.

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  • I'm very excited for this game. And he doesn't look older to me, I think it's just the stubble
  • This game looks amazing! I'm completing my first run through Arkham Asylum, and I recently purchased the WiiU version of Arkham City. I want to hear and see more about the Vita and 3DS Blackgate game, though. It sounds like the 2D, handheld Metroid we have all been waiting for, just re-skinned with Batman characters
  • This game looks awesome... Off subject...... Does anyone else think that MS can make their next box customizable? Like what if they do release 2 consoles and the hardcore one can be upgraded with a better gpu,. Or I think micro soft will throw in 12gb of ram... A few days away but what do you think?
  • Since we're on the topic of Batman, do you think I should buy Arkham Asylum/City? I've been interested in them for awhile but I'm not sure still.
  • Please let there be "The Secret Society of Super Villains"!
  • They kept this hush hush for a while. Does anyone know if Kevin Conroy is back as Batman?
  • Last year was a little flat, but this year is looking like a good year for awesome games
  • Batman one of the will be GREAT!
  • cool
  • Whoa. Nice
  • im ready
  • I definitely have issues completing games, but I have finished both of the other Arkham games and I can not wait for this one to come out!!!
  • I'm not gonna lie, that teaser got me pumped. With the absence of Rocksteady and Paul Dini, though, I can't help but fear that this game will not be as good as it's predecessors. I want to have faith in WB Montreal, but it's hard with the majority of prequels these days turning out to be duds. I'm not expecting a complete piece of garbage however as I'm sure this game will be fun, just not as good as Asylum or City. On a lighter note, I don't think Rocksteady isn't developing this for no reason. As some have pointed out there are way to many dangling plot threads in Arkham City that Rocksteady up and abandoning The Caped Crusader seems entirely unlikely I'm willing to bet that as of this moment Rocksteady is at work on the true sequel to Arkham City, and this is just a way to put more money in WB's pockets and to make sure people stay excited for more Batman.
  • Most epic 40 seconds ever lol.
  • teaser trailer for batman arkham origins blackgate?
  • I admit, I'm still a bit cautious with this game, as prequels don't really have a great success record (cough*Lucas*cough), but every new bit of information I hear about the story sounds epic! Let's face it, there dosen't seem to be all that many places a real sequel to Arkham City to go (I personally think they may have used too many villians too quickly), so maybe a prequel isn't such a bad idea. At any rate, unless every single one of the reviews for the game say it sucks, it's probably goingto be a day one buy for me!
  • This is probably the best teaser trailer ever!
  • I've already marked May 20th on my calendar. I just wish they could have released it on the PS4 as well.
  • Did WB came back to their senses and caster Kevin Conroy for the voice?