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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Teaser Trailer Pits Batman Against Deathstroke

The first teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins showcases clips from a full trailer that will be premiering a little bit later this month. We get to see Batman take on the villain he recently shared the spotlight with on the cover of our Arkham Origins issue, Deathstroke.

The full trailer will premiere on May 20, and Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U on October 25.

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  • AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • Does Batman have Benjamin Button syndrome? why does he look older in this Arkham prequel?

    Also,it woulda been cool if they used Batmans:year one skin from the Arkham City DLC
  • Hopefully they don't ruin the series....
  • I can already tell that I like this game's Batman suit more than the other two.
  • Why does he look older than he was in Arkham Asylum/City? I thought this was a prequel.
  • I always thought deathstroke was awesome, but I never knew his story and when I looked him up it just made me more excited for this game. I hope they make him as awesome in this game as he is in the comics. Apparently he can takedown(almost) whole groups of superheroes.
  • ohhhhhh!!!!! Counting the pennies now!!!!!
  • Still not very excited for this game. Not a big fan of prequels and we already got two duds this year from them.
  • Oh yeah. My hype for this game has officially gone through the roof.
  • One of the best franchises in gaming history.
  • I still need to beat my GOTY Arkham City. When you have a back-log that's what tends to happen. This game is hopefully going to be just as good as the last 2
  • Very nice. I liked what I saw there. I can't wait to see the whole thing.
  • Gets an additional like for releasing the game worldwide on the same day.
  • I don't see anything about games for windows live. Did they finally do away with that abomination?
  • I would've loved it if Teen Titans Robin came out of nowhere yelling "SLADEEEE!"
  • Well.. other than the date for the trailer, that told me nothing new. Still, it looks alright. Can't really judge the game based on anything right now.
  • Guess I gotta catch up a bit. Still playing Arkham Asylum...
  • It might be time to do another playthrough of Asylum/City.
  • Awesome! kinda short but still awesome! can't wait for the full trailer.
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