As i've been browsing various websites since the release of Arkham Origins i've been noticing a bit of a trend, reviewers tend to love giving this game sevens and eights. The problem I have with this is, most of these reviewers gave Arkham City nines and tens. While everyone does have a right to there opinion I don't see these as very fair scores because this is all the game that Arkham City was and more. Origins has the same gameplay as City but has slightly expanded on it, grapnel boosting has been added( a welcome improvement) the city size has almost been doubled, and several gadgets have been added. This is all without mentioning Origins greatest new feature, the much expanded crime scene investigations that actually make you feel like you're investigating instead of just scanning one thing and knowing exactly where to go. Arkham origins graphics are fantastic( little touches like footprints in the snow and lens flare are nice) and are a bit of an improvement from Arkham City. The new multiplayer, while not the greatest multiplayer ever, is still not nearly as bad as everyone is acting, after i'm done with the single player content I plan on spending some time with it. So in conclusion I gave this game A slightly lower score than Arkham City(which I personally give a 9.75) the only reason for this lower score is really something I just can't put my finger on, I guess this game just doesn't match the thrills of Gliding through Gotham for the first time. But with that i must say if this had come out first and had been followed by Arkham city i'd probably swap the scores. So all in all this game most definitely lives up to the Arkham name.