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Batman: Arkham Origins

The Caped Crusader's Shocking New Gameplay

Firefly has set bombs along one of Gotham’s bridges. Batman has to disarm the explosives and stop this napalm-obsessed firebug before someone gets hurt. Thankfully, he has some electrifying new gauntlets to help him save the day.

We began our Gamescom demo of Batman: Arkham Origins by checking out Batman’s new toy, the shock gloves. These gloves are extremely helpful in combat. After Batman builds up a certain level of combo, he can activate these electric gloves, which make all of his attacks instant knockdowns. These gloves also allow Batman to block electric attacks (which also happens to refill his glove’s batteries) and stuns shielded enemies.

All of the gadgets in Arkham Origins have multiple functions, and Batman’s new gloves are no exception. The caped crusader can use these gloves to short circuit some objects within the environment, which might then open a door, or use the gloves to power up various machines, which could prove useful in puzzles.

After making our way through a crowd of Firefly’s henchmen, Batman encounters the jetpack-clad villain himself. Our hero grapples onto Flyfly’s jetpack and tries to pull him to the ground, but Firefly takes off, pulling Batman along for a ride. Batman collides with the side of a truck and eventually lands on the ground, but not before knocking Firefly’s detonator out of his hand. That takes care of the immediate bomb threat, but Batman still has to take care the flaming fly himself. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until the game comes out on October 25 to see how that encounter plays out.

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  • I can't wait till this game comes out! I absolutely loved the first two and this one doesn't look like it's gonna disappoint either. I just hope this series has set a standard that other developers can learn from and make other superhero games that rise to this games caliber. Maybe we'll see a good Superman game one day.