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Batman: Arkham Knight

The Batmobile's Battle Mode Takes On The Arkham Knight

The Batmobile is a powerful new addition to Rocksteady's video game franchise, and it gets even better. Apart from racing around Gotham, the Batmobile also has a tank-like Battle mode that is ready for anything.

The Batmobile transforms between its normal Pursuit mode and Battle mode with a touch of a button, and levels are designed so that you use both. You may need to use Pursuit mode's afterburners to jump into different parts of a level, while Battle mode is more handy in tight corridors. Of course, the new Batmobile form is useful when taking on tanks, armored vehicles, and other vehicles deployed by Arkham Knight and his personal army. Battle modes' cannon fire (including the ability to charge up a power shot) is mixed with its surprising nimbleness. You can evade from side-to-side to dodge enemy fire with a quick side slip. When taking on civilians (Batman's not going to kill anyone, after all) the Batmobile also has a riot suppression shot that knocks out multiple enemies.

Apart from combat, the Batmobile is an integral part of Batman's arsenal. It can be remote controlled, so Batman can use it from afar. We saw one sequence where Batman remote controlled the Batmobile to sneak up on some enemies who had him cornered. While Arkham Knight and his cronies wasted time verbally sparing with Batman, the Batmobile drove up and knocked them out with its riot suppression shot. Elsewhere in the level, the Batmobile's grappling hook pulled up a powerless elevator and transported an Ace Chemicals worker to safety in its interior hold chamber.

Take a look at the Batmobile and its Battle mode in the new teaser trailer below.

Unfortunately, there's some bad news. Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed into 2015. The title is coming for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more on the game, check out this recent trailer of the Batmobile and take a look at our hub from our cover story below.

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  • Can't wait. I will be driving around in this a lot.

  • I guess it shouldn't be surprising that some of the October games might delay themselves. It will help spread out the big releases already slated for the Fall, although I am bummed this is being pushed back.
  • Well that sucks, I was really looking forward to this since I haven't found many good titles to my liking this year.

  • These delays are getting ridiculous, next gen systems have been the biggest waste of money and mostly a disappointment so far :( I'm still using my PS3 and 360 way more. Honestly feels like the systems were sold to us through lies :(
  • Nooo!

  • More delays? I guess devs really want to make sure their games are crisp upon release. I guess I'm okay with that, but still a bit bummed.

  • This game was the main reason i bought a PS4, and now its pushed back. Go figure.
  • Coming 2015? D'oh!
  • That's a big-ass piece of suck, right there. The piece sounded so exited, too.

  • This one too?! Wow, a lot of games are getting delayed into 2015. I was looking forward to picking up Arkham Knight in a few months but now I have to wait until 2015 to drive the Batmobile.

  • That's a big-ass piece of suck, right there. The piece sounded so excited, too.
  • My reaction to this delay in 2015 is the same as my reaction to Mortal Kombat in 2015. It all seems too far away. I'll be in college by then.

  • Batman is a hypocrite in a big way.

  • Another 2015 game.... Wow. I'm not that shocked though.
  • I'm actually glad that this got delayed. With both Destiny and Evolve coming this fall, I was afraid I might not be able to delve into the amazing story and gameplay that I know Rocksteady will deliver. These Arkham games usually suck away a month or more of my life, so being able to devote my fall to scouring the galaxy and honing my skills on the hunt means that when Arkham Knight does come around I can get lost in the narrative. Plus, more polish is never a bad thing.

  • Who said we wanted the good news first?

  • Nice. Looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see more on it, hopefully next week.

  • This makes me so sad. This was my most anticipated game of 2014, I'm tired of these delays.
  • With each delay the WiiU is looking better and better...Guess I should've waited til 2015 to get my Xbox 1

  • Well good and bad. Sucks to lose another game, but October was *** packed to the brim as is.

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