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Batman: Arkham Knight

What If Batman Arkham Knight Isn't The Best Game Ever Made?

A lot of people are going to tell you Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the best games at the show. I'm not going to argue that. I've seen it, and it's awesome. I got to play the game and I totally love it; but here's a counter argument for what could still go wrong.

I'm a huge Batman fan (I weigh about 200 pounds, but my love for Batman is well over 500). I love the comics, I’ve loved the movies, and I’ve obsessed over Rocksteady’s recent games. Maybe I’m bias, and maybe I just love too much, but there are a few things about Batman: Arkham Knight I want to nitpick about.

The Batmobile shouldn't be a big focus of the game
I think that the Batmobile is a great element of the Batman universe, and I think it makes sense to want to put it in the game, but it looks like Rocksteady is making too big of a push with the car. The Batmobile can transform from racing mode to a battle mode where it performs more like a strafing artillery tank. Like all of Rocksteady’s games, the mechanics and animations are extremely polished, but I worry that the Batmobile’s battle mode mechanic doesn't fit with the overall structure of the Arkham games.

During one part of my demo I remote controlled the Batmobile and had it blow open a wall and then grapple an elevator cable in order to raise and lower the elevator box for Batman to access a new area. I love the idea of incorporating the Batmobile into more puzzles like this. Unfortunately, most of the marketing we’ve seen for the Batmobile so far has focused on the more tank-like battle mode that has Batman strafing drones and blasting them into debris. That kind of gameplay feels a little too much like a generic shooter to me. I hope it’s not a major facet of the gameplay, because it doesn’t fit with my idea of Batman.

This Story Is Still Unproven
The first two Batman games didn’t tell the most complex or narratively rich stories in video games, but they were still incredibly fun tales that incorporated a lot of nice elements from Batman’s mythos. I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini helped draft the story. With Arkham Knight, Rocksteady is handling the game’s story in house. This makes me a little nervous.

The team got to create a new character for the game, a villain called Arkham Knight. This new character’s design is great, as he looks kind of like a military inspired version of Batman himself. I know Rocksteady worked with DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns to create the character, and I don’t know how much work Johns has done on the character, but I get the impression Rocksteady is writing a lot of a dialogue themselves. Based on what I saw at E3 this might not be a smart choice. Despite the fact that Arkham Knight looks incredibly badass, most of his dialogue came across as if he were an antsy teenager who was obsessed with killing Batman. Hopefully, Arkham Knight will have an amazing and rich story, but for the moment I feel like Rocksteady is unproven in this particular area.

Why does everything have to be so boxy and edgy and sexualized?
I think the title for this section pretty much speaks for itself, but I’ll go ahead an elaborate on it, because that’s what writers do. The Batman Arkham games have always had a distinct design style. If you’ve played one, or even seen the concept art for the characters, you know exactly what it is. I don’t feel like this style is wrong, but I have started to grow tired of it over the course of the series.

Some gamers have already complained how Harley Quinn and Catwoman have been portrayed as hyper-sexualized beings. Why is this necessary? In fact, I think these kinds of extreme designs take away from the games overall believability (though I understand believability is already stretch somewhat thin for a character who dresses up like a bat to fight crime).

Additionally, Batman, his villains, and pretty much every other character in the game seems over masculinized. Commissioner Gordan looks like he takes creatine in his coffee, and even characters like the Penguin and the Joker seem a littler bulkier than they are in the comics. This bulky design sense carries through to every part of the game – from the Batmobile, to the architecture, to the weapons and tools Batman uses in the game. I don’t want a wimpy looking Batman, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a more grounded and realistic depiction of the character.

Despite these complaints and concerns, I’m still incredibly excited about Arkham Knight and the game could be my game of the show. Does that make me a hypocrite? No, it just means I care too much.

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  • I semi agree with the author. This will be a great game, but I have too many reservations. Personally, I'm still stuck on why there won't be many civilians in the mix. Katrina (in real life) showed that no matter what the apparent danger, people will still choose to stay home and wait it out.
  • All valid, as far as I'm concerned. And I get tired of the physical exaggerations, too. Batman looks like a Mr. Olympia contestant. Sort of removes a little of the relatability from the character, and it also means Bruce Wayne walks around looking like an NFL lineman in an expensive suit. Not exactly immersive.

  • Wow, Reeves. Are you making articles like this just for the sake of complaining?

    Arkham Knight will... Blow. Everyones. Minds.

  • Burn the heretic!

    But seriously, I am on the batmobile fence too.

    As far as character models go; have you read a comic book? Most of the women look like they drew a naked sex goddess, removed the nipples (most of the time anyway)and painted them the colors of thier spandex suit. And they always stand in rediculous poses with their chest thrust out. At least in Arkham games the ladies clothes actually have some dimension so as to look like actual clothing material. And catwoman is supposed to be sexy, that is her whole schtick. You must be comparing her to the kids cartoon version .

  • I'm sorry, and with all due respect, but who said that it would be? I haven't heard a thing about this being the best game ever made.

  • The Tank Mode Batmobile is my biggest gripe. It looks and feels out of place for Batman.

  • A note on your criticism of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City—I don't think the designers were trying to craft the next Bioshock, but rather they were looking for ways to reasonably incorporate Batman's villains. (Especially in the sequel—there are so many villains, but even the lesser known ones like Solomon Grundy don't feel out of place.)

    Although I do think the story was handicapped a touch by the teen rating, I still found it very engrossing. The commercial for the first game, which advertised Joker taking over the asylum, absolutely floored me.

  • I completely agree with this article very well put. I have the same concerns but I hope in the end it works out well

  • The character model bulkiness is because they're using the same Engine that was made for Gears of War out of the Unreal engine. It's what they had to use, so they just ran with it. They've made Batman look millions of times better than we ever expected him to be in a videogame.

    And, the only reason this article exists is because Ben is essentially trying to temper the hype. That hype wouldn't exist without the twice proven idea that Rocksteady can deliver. I get that the games industry can be a cynical place to dwell in, but every once in a while you have to allow yourself to hope.

  • I thought Arkham knight might be Slade, but now it's sounds like Anarky.

  • I 100% disagree with this article.

  • Only thing... These games aren't believable its a batman game for Christ sake

  • Was the games your first encounter with Batman? Had to ask with your third complaint, as those are staples of Batman. I do agree with the Batmobile going into tank mode(at the very least), it should have an important role, but not at the level they are incorporating. As far as the story being unproven, that can go for any game.
  • All solid concerns. I personally am most bothered by the batmobile, and I would honestly love it if they kept it completely optional.

  • We all know how it's going to be, Rocksteady is clearly proud about their tank batmobile mechanic, they tout it with pride, you can just tell that it will be heavily utilized in the game, and in result, I am, myself, worried also. The batmobile is a mechanic in the game (duh!) and like all mechanics in games, and especially focused one's (like this one will be) we will be seeing alot of it in the game, no doubt. I expect that half of arkham knight will be batmodbie puzzle solving/rage inspired battle vehicle combat. Yay! Rocksteady's outing to a pretty worthy gaming trilogy is going to be a batman half car combat hybird beat em' up game. Still sounds interesting, but I am not going to blow out my expectations like how I did with Arkham City.

  • good resume of my own concerns... The batmobile fighting has me really concerned

  • Moan. Smells like a polygon article, too many of these and I'll have to find yet another community to take part in, sorry.
  • What if it's not the best game ever? My life will go on... Not a bat man fan nor do I really care to play his games.... Plus how can anyone take this article seriously if mgsv delivers on the hype it has built up. Game informer stop trying to be like ign
  • I'm calling it right now, the Arkham Knight is actually somehow Joker. And I wanna say when Batman finds out, he becomes so enraged that he just beats Joker to death, for real this time, just out of pure rage.

  • Is there seriously no one left on Earth anymore who knows that the damned word is "biased"!? "I'm bias" is meaningless word soup. "I'm happiness" makes as much sense. Bias is a noun.