(This guide will feature all 70 of the current Batman Arkham City achievements, as well as how to get them. Although you may have noticed that I currently only possess 1410/1500 total gamerscore for the game thus far, the only ones I do not have are most of the medal related achievements- thus I can safely tell you how to get all of these pretty little gems. Last Updated: 7/8/12.)

Story Related Achievements:

I'm Batman: Simply complete the "tutorial" entrance to Arkham City and begin your crazy adventure in order to earn this achievement easily.

Acid Bath: For your first "rescue mission" of sorts, you must stop Two Face aka Harvey Dent, from executing Catwoman with extreme prejudice. Beat up his goons, interrogate Dent, and save the damsel from a sniper's bullet- all in a day's work.

Savior: Once you come to an old church/cathedral during the story, in order to find out where the sniper's bullet that was meant for Catwoman originated from, you will meet up with some old acquaintances- preferably Harley Quinn and her goons. Take them out and rescue the ward staff holed up inside before investigating the belltower with some...explosive results.

Chimney Sweep: While exploring Sionis' Industries in the continuation of one big drawn out story mission, (the company owned by the man known as Black Mask)- you will have to find some way inside to sneak past the many guards and patrols on lookout and bust up the Joker's wonderful party. Couldn't be that furnace's chimney could it?

One Armed Bandit: One inside Sionis' Industries, you will consequently have no choice but to break up the grand reunion party. How about demolishing that big huge Joker/Titan goon with that giant hammer? Looks familiar, does he?


Non-Story Related Achievements: