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Robin Playable In Batman: Arkham City

Gamers have been wondering loudly and frequently whether Robin would be in Batman: Arkham City, and he will be...for some of you.

Retailer Best Buy is offering up Robin as an exclusive download for those who pre-order the game through the company. If there's a catch, it's that Robin will only be playable in two challenge maps.

Publisher Warner Bros. has previously said that retailers GameStop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Amazon would be getting pre-orders (GameStop has its own exclusive pre-order bonus: Joker's Carnival Challenge map), but at the time, Best Buy's was listed simply as a "combo pack."

Perhaps we'll see Robin available as a DLC some time after release.

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[Thanks to reader Derreck for the tip!]

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  • I wonder how he looks in Arkam City, I'm kinda interested in seeing that
  • I was wondering if pre-orders would be getting exclusive characters...This confirms it. I'm not so sure Robin will be available as a DLC in the future though, only because the PS3 exclusive Joker maps for Arkham Asylum never made their way over to 360, I could be wrong though.
  • Who cares. Robin is a *** anyway.
  • im wondering if the PS3 will be getting an exclusive character again, like it had Joker playable in arkaham asylum. or will the xbox have an exclusive character this time? will any systen have exclusive content?
  • wow cool, i hope he looks gud
  • I wonder who voices him? I hope its not Chris O'Donnell.

  • at least it's not a PS3 exclusive.
  • i hope they throw in Huntress and Nightwing as playable characters
  • cool i wonder how diferent he will play tho
  • Which is odd, since you are owned by GameStop and yet I feel like you cover the other stores more (aka BestBuy, and I still find that GameStop is the best place to preorder games and new consoles.
  • Cool. But I kinda hate dealing with best buy... Hmmm I'll probably go with the Joker pack again. Wonder what he looks like though?
  • I might pre order it from best buy just to see Robin die. I'm demented like that.
  • Which Robin is it? Did they even specify that far beyond the fact that it's "Robin"?
  • These dlc packs are getting beyond ridiculous... something like robin should already be in the game... but everyones out to screw the consumer more everytime. I miss when games were given to us completed.
  • if its burt ward, I'd get it, but if its jason todd...*** it
  • I would love to play as Robin, I just don't see myself preordering Arkham City from Best Buy
  • You're Welcome!  Cool to see that you guys got my tip!

  • This is awesome. I haven't pre-ordered a game from Best Buy since...Lost Odyssey. Wow.
  • What Robin will it be I wonder, I'm guessing Dick Grayson but will it be the kid version or the teenager version?
  • Whatever I don't think I want to play as an 11yearold in his underoo's
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