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  • Blog Post: batman arkham city reveiw

    Rockstar and DC comics have made another great batman game. batman arkham city upgrade almost everything from the last game. the story is very long and if you want more theres side missions. the graphics are just amazing i was blown away by them. the sstory coninues from arkham asylum which is *SPOILERS... More
  • Blog Post: Batman kick butts again in Arkham City

    I remember when I played Arkham Asylum, I enjoyed almost everything, I don't recall saying something negative about the game. But when Arkham City was announced, I was a little sad that the game wasn't gonna be based in all Gotham, but still, when I got my hands on it, all I can say is that this... More
  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham City: The Dark Knight's Finest Hour

    Any review I write for this game probably can't be long or good enough, but Arkham City is easily the best superhero game I have played or hope to play in a while. If not for Zelda: Skyward Sword, Batman delivers the greatest game of 2011 for me. The story, characters, and gameplay all combine to... More
  • Blog Post: batman arkham city short review

    best grapics for a super hero game so far chosse if you want to do a mission or not a twisted ending if only spiderman games were like this More
  • Blog Post: The dark knight triumphs!

    Batman: Arkham City is a remarkable success in every aspect. The only problem I've had with this game is a couple of random freezes. This games takes everything from it's predecessor and polishes and expands them to reach new heights of gaming excellence. The graphics and artistic desing work... More
  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham City review by Marfys

    There are any number of reasons why this game is great. It's improved on every aspect of Arkham Asylum, from combat, to graphics, to the number of awesome Batman villains that appear throughout the game. If you are even mildly a Batman fan, or just enjoy a well put together game, then Batman Arkham... More
  • Blog Post: Is an open world of Batman bad?

    Batman: Arkham Aslymum was one of my favorite games of 2009. With amazing combat, great graphics, and overall just a fun game to play, how do you top that 2 years later? The answer is Batman: Arkham City. Right when you begin Batman: Arkham City, the game goes instantly into action, which is actually... More
  • Blog Post: Pretty Great As You Remembered

    My realeationship with Batman was Prety great when i was a kid but as time passes batman has hit jacked up times He stars in kid shows for cartoon network,and to many kiddy toy ad's and nothing to my sparking interest, but batman has evolved big time to promise change. and arkham city is just the... More
  • Blog Post: A Delicous, Yet Thinly Spread Treat

    I know what you're thinking 8.5?! Really? Let me clarify this point. Is this game great? Yes. Is it a definite contender for "Game of the Year"? Absolutely. Does it capture the feel and atmosphere of Batman? For the most part, yes. Is it perfect? No. I remember reading an article Game Informer... More
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