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  • Blog Post: Rocksteady turns awesome into phenomenal.

    With Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Studios proved that it was possible to make a great superhero game. Its revolutionary stealth and combat showed that superhero games can compete with games that carried big name developers on the cover. R.S. proved its worth with Arkham Asylum, but capitalized with its... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Game I'ver Ever Played, But Nothing Is Perfect.

    I played this game's story mode 3 times (not including the bonus mode or the DLC's) and I'm still blown away by how incredible it is, I love the challenges and free-roaming Arkham City however if I had to pick something that was disappointing in the game I'd have to say it was kinda short... More
  • Blog Post: batman arkham city reveiw

    Rockstar and DC comics have made another great batman game. batman arkham city upgrade almost everything from the last game. the story is very long and if you want more theres side missions. the graphics are just amazing i was blown away by them. the sstory coninues from arkham asylum which is *SPOILERS... More
  • Blog Post: An ambitious but disappointing sequel

    As a sequel to Arkham Asylum, it's quite disappointing for the most part. As a game, it's pretty damn good. More
  • Blog Post: Review: Batman: Arkham City

    Batman: Arkham City is the second iteration of Rocksteady’s highly praised take on the Batman franchise. Arkham City expands on the gritty yet plainly comic book inspired tone of the first, only this time rather than escorting a criminal to the loony bin Bruce Wayne finds himself incarcerated in... More
  • Blog Post: batman review

    This game is better than the previous game in every way. More
  • Blog Post: Single Greatest Game of all far.

    Let me start out by saying Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the best games I have ever played, It not only successfully made me feel as if I was controlling the Dark Knight but had actually became him. Whether I was prowling through the halls of Arkham Mansion, preying on Joker's thugs like the witless... More
  • Blog Post: Batman kick butts again in Arkham City

    I remember when I played Arkham Asylum, I enjoyed almost everything, I don't recall saying something negative about the game. But when Arkham City was announced, I was a little sad that the game wasn't gonna be based in all Gotham, but still, when I got my hands on it, all I can say is that this... More
  • Blog Post: Batman kick but

    This game was absolutely epic. I can't describe it any other way. More
  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham City

    This game in all was just one of my favorite games I have ever played which is really saying something. This is one of the world's greatest games. The game play was just awesome. The joker was an interesting character. Along with catwoman who you couldn't decide as a villain or a hero. I wish... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City - Superheroes Have Finally Received Their Own Justice

    Batman: Arkham City, boy, what a game. The culmination of the loving studio Rocksteady and their hard work, it's certainly a product of many dedicated hours. Played on PC, this game functions in a way that flows excellently. Batman flies in combat; Left-click to punch, right-click to counter the... More
  • Blog Post: It Feels Better Than Ever To Be Batman

    The Joker is loose in Arkham City and it's up to Batman to stop him. After the surprise hit of Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady had big expectations to fill. From the minute I saw the Gotham City skyline to the credits rolling, I had trouble putting the controller down. Arkham City has this incredible ability... More
  • Blog Post: Best Batman game ever made

    There were so many things i liked about Batman Arkham City. However, there were also things that i didn't like about Arkham City. On to the good stuff first. The game has very well played out gameplay that's very diverse and never gets old. Counter attacking and performing special taking downs... More
  • Blog Post: Another great tale for The Dark Knight.

    Lets just say that I would not mind going to Arkham City for vacation. Arkham City opens up with Bruce Wayne making a speech about how the newly opened Arkham City is not a safe place. Well, lets just say that he was right. Arkham is a dangerous place but it is also very beautiful. The Dark Knight returns... More
  • Blog Post: im batman

    it just improved everything from the original and made it awesome in every aspect. nuff said. More
  • Blog Post: Good Thing No One Knows Where I Live...

    I don't expect anyone to either play or hate this game based on my score, afterall I'm no expert. I just know what I like after 25 years, and I only moderately liked a game that everyone else was pants-down for. I saw a lot of 10's posted for Arkham City, and am not one to argue. Its certainly... More
  • Blog Post: Easily One Of The Greatest Games I Have Played...

    and I have been gaming since the Odyssey/Atari days! :-) So many people and critics give this game a '10' or 'perfect' score. I probably will never do this, just because I do not think "perfect" exists in the gaming world...however EXTREMELY awesome does, and this game is it... More
  • Blog Post: It Put a Smile on My Face

    Fun, awesome, astonishing, entertaining, time-consuming, and addicting. This game did the impossible and actually improved something that was already great. A good plot, engaging gameplay, plenty of things to go back to, and top-notch graphics, Batman Arkham City fails to disappoint even the most hardcore... More
  • Blog Post: Doing GI job.

    Why did I score Batman Arkham City an 8 instead of a 10 like GI did? Simple, if you buy the game new but do not have internet connection 10% of the game is locked off to you. There is no reason this game should get a 10 when many people are denied the full product they paid for. Pulling the bait and... More
  • Blog Post: batman arkham city short review

    best grapics for a super hero game so far chosse if you want to do a mission or not a twisted ending if only spiderman games were like this More
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