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  • Blog Post: Rocksteady turns awesome into phenomenal.

    With Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Studios proved that it was possible to make a great superhero game. Its revolutionary stealth and combat showed that superhero games can compete with games that carried big name developers on the cover. R.S. proved its worth with Arkham Asylum, but capitalized with its... More
  • Blog Post: The Dark Knight May Have Returned, But It Seems The Joke's On Us

    This hurts you a lot more than it hurts me, Batbrain. You know, when I first played this game, and saw the demos, I was on board with everyone else. It looked great, it sounded great, and it seemed like we'd get a bonafide hit. Instead, what we got was a mess of questionable ideas but with enough... More
  • Blog Post: The Dark Knight Rises to New Heights

    Sequels are always an interesting challenge in gaming. They usually don't have the same spark of creativity as their predecessors, but the gameplay tends to be a lot more polished. Batman: Arkham City is definitely a game that falls under the "more polished" category. The sequel to 2009's... More
  • Blog Post: Best Superhero game EVER!

    When I first found out about this game I went to the website to watch the first trailer,in which I saw a burning Gotham City that is in total chaos,andd then a laughing Joker.I wasn't very excited about the,to be honest,I didn't even care about it.But the situation changed when I watched videos... More
  • Blog Post: Perfect Game.

    Batman Arkham City exceeded my expectations. I think I am one of the very few who kind of disliked Arkham Asylum (The first game) because of the limited surroundings and exploration. Arkham City takes all of those away and the environment is not huge as free-roam games go but its big enough for me to... More
  • Blog Post: One of the Best Games of All Time

    This is absolutely one of the best games I have ever played. Every aspect of the last Batman game (including the parts that were already awesome) have been upgraded and refined to shine in a season of amazing games. Everything fits together seamlessly in a world that I was so genuinely intrigued by that... More
  • Blog Post: Pretty Great As You Remembered

    My realeationship with Batman was Prety great when i was a kid but as time passes batman has hit jacked up times He stars in kid shows for cartoon network,and to many kiddy toy ad's and nothing to my sparking interest, but batman has evolved big time to promise change. and arkham city is just the... More
  • Blog Post: An exsquisite entry leaves little to be desired

    Upon playing Batman: Arkham City initially, I quick;y became frustrated and raced to my computer to vent all of my angst on this website. My issue was that, not having played Arkham Asylum for close to two years, I had forgotten much of the games combat controls and just how open it allowed you to be... More
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