With Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Studios proved that it was possible to make a great superhero game. Its revolutionary stealth and combat showed that superhero games can compete with games that carried big name developers on the cover. R.S. proved its worth with Arkham Asylum, but capitalized with its groundbreaking sequel.

          Batman Arkham City improved on its predecessor, even though many thought that would be impossible. The story was perfectly paced with the right amount of combat, stealth, and talk-only cutscenes. Batman's midnight adventure went through exciting plot twists as one lead would lead to his next. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill brought life to the classic hero-villain dialogue in one of the greatest voice acting performances ever given. If you own the Catwoman DLC, even more missions are available offering two extra hours of fun.

          The gameplay tops Asylum as well, as Rocksteady expanded the combat, stealth, and the map. All playable characters have several different combat moves as well as several gadgets in their arsenal. Stealth is more complex than Asylum, but not for the worse. After finishing the ten hours of story, you have become the master of stealth. Arkham City helps you plan out special tactics through experience and adapt to almost any situation. The sequel also trumps Asylum in size, feeling like the playable area is doubled.

Concept: Become the Batman and play your way through exciting challenges to save Arkham City

Graphics: Fits the style well, beautiful indoor and outdoor environments.

Sound: Appropriate and suspenseful score. Masterful voice acting

Entertainment: A masterpiece in all features of the game.

Replay Value: High