So, here is the game that I looked forward to the most out of all these. I LOVED Arkham Asylum. It was one of the best games of 2009 and the best super hero game ever. The key word is was. Batman Arkham City didn't just surpass my expectations, it blew them away. The game's story is one of the best Batman stories I've ever seen. As good as the Dark Knight I would say. It's exciting, emotional at times and always interesting. It does start abruptly and the second act seems a bit scatter brained at times, but those are nit picks really. Overall it's a truly amazing single player. The voice acting is some of the best I've seen in games period. Mark Hamil turns in his best performance as the Joker to date, Kevin Conroy is the God damn batman in every way imaginable. (He oozes manliness!)  and Corey Burton is chilling and foreboding as The game's primary antagonist Hugo Strange. The rest of the cast also does an excellent job. They portray the characters exactly how I imagine them to be. In fact, that's how Batman plays, exactly how I imagined he would. The combat is just as great as it was in Asylum, the new gliding system is just amazing and so much fun, and all his gadgets, new and old, are a joy to use to take down enemies. Playing as Batman has never felt so good. Same with Catwoman (buy this game new just for her, I'm serious guys!) Who  has a very distinct play style that's different from Batman. The biggest and best aspect of Arkham City (outside of the incredible story) is Arkham City itself. The map is huge, detailed and alive. At first it's daunting how big it is. I had a hard time processing it all really. It looks great, feels great and just is great. Graphically The game uses the Unreal engine 3 to it's full potential, character models are detailed like the rest of the world and animations are top notch. Arkham City is gorgeous. Another great aspect of Arkham City is that the side quests are so well flushed out. Each one of them feels like it is part of the main story rather than just a diversion, especially Riddler's storyline, which is truly superb. Over all I have no gripes about Arkham City. I can't say anything about it that isn't positive. Rocksteady truly knocked it out of the park and straight to outer space this time. It's a perfect Batman game, Hell, the it's one of the best games ever made. 

10 out of 10