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The incredible game Batman: Arkham City is almost over for me. I decided to write this review now because it took me this long to get 100% of the main story and side missions completed. Though it only took me two days to complete the main story of AC, I’ve spent the majority of those in-between months cowering over the 440 (counting Catwoman) Riddler trophies and riddles I had to rack up. I was even left in shock when I completed the main storyline and the statistics said I was 26% done with the game. THAT’S AMAZING! There were just an incredible amount of things to do in this game from saving political prisoners to meeting characters who I believe hint towards a third game.

To start off I will say how much of an improvement the fighting mechanics were from an already smooth and easy to handle system. I couldn’t have been happier since I could now counter two enemies at once and even had shortcuts to use most of Batman’s gadgets. I’m a big fan of how nimble yet swift Batman is as he just stomps the enemies (sometimes literally). I also enjoyed Rocksteady’s common sense in starting Batman with most of the gadgets you ended the first game with. It only made sense to have things such as the Batclaw and Explosive gel. This way you could easily join the fight and feel like the game never ended after the Asylum.

Rocksteady also did a fantastic job by creating better “boss fights”. In Akrham Asylum the only “bosses” were titan thugs who looked a little different from each other. Now we had enemies like Mr. Freeze, Solomon Grundy, and (maybe) Deadshot. Things were much less repetitive in this game and there were always new types of enemies appearing, be it a Tyger guard or the League of Assassin ninja women. These types of things helped to really round this game out because you always had new challenges to keep you on our toes.

Possibly my favorite aspect of AC is the expansion of the entire free-roam map. Arkham City was a ridiculously large map that gave me tons of reasons to always be exploring in the darkest corners I could find. The world had just as much vertical playing field as it did horizontal due to all of the sewers and subway tunnels involved. Luckily Batman could now use his grapple gun to launch himself high above the rooftops so he could easily soar from one end of the map to another. This was a very handy and important gadget to have and implement because you could avoid enemies on the ground and move much quicker. Also, the map was unbelievably helpful when it came to finding some of the locations because of the height some parts of the map had. Things occasionally got confusing when I would not know whether a Riddler trophy was on, above, or below the ground. The map did have the same feel to it as in Arkham Asylum because you could look wherever you had been and were even able to get a close-up view on the larger buildings that you could enter into.

Now even though Batman is my favorite super hero, I am far from knowledgeable about what kind of friends and enemies he has gained and encountered throughout his lifespan. I did feel the game was lacking in that aspect, but I really enjoyed seeing all of the (what I call) main super villains in the same game even though they hated each other. I had hoped to see a bit more of the Black Mask because he seemed to have a lot of firepower and gave the Joker a place to stay in his Sionis Industries steel mill. Though two characters I was glad to not see were Killer Croc and Scarecrow. Both characters did have easter eggs hidden within this game, but I feel that they are going to have an important role in the next Batman game. I did enjoy being able to see a lot of character files for enemies that weren’t in the game because it was a learning experience. Memorable ones were Scarface and reading about the Joker’s escape from the Asylum. Another fun thing that they continued from the last game were the tape records with interviews between the villainous inmates and Hugo Strange himself.

I know I could go on for days explaining my enthusiasm for this game and all of the things that Rocksteady got just right, but I hope by now I have conveyed that this kind of game does not come often. Once you turn this game on, it becomes very hard to stop and you will always have something else to do; be it the campaign, New Game +, predator challenges, combat challenges or even the new Riddler campaigns that combine both predator and combat challenges. So if you are any type of Batman or superhero fan, then this is the game to get because Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have given him all of the credit and awesomeness he deserves all in one great and long lasting game.

*****This was my first review so any type of criticism is accepted. I could really use tips because I’m an awful writer.*****