Let me start out by saying Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the best games I have ever played, It not only successfully made me feel as if I was controlling the Dark Knight but had actually became him.  Whether I was prowling through the halls of Arkham Mansion, preying on Joker's thugs like the witless criminal scum they were, or fighting amounts of henchman that would make a normal man squirm in his boots, Arkham Asylum was not only the best Batman game ever made but also one of the greatest games of all time.  So with this amazing experience with Rocksteady's first Batman excursion, my expectations were immediately raised whenever Arkham City was announced, and when the day of October 18th rolled around I picked up my copy of the game and eagerly put it into my PS3 and once I was let loose in the Sprawling mega-prison my expectations were not only met they were completely blown out of the water batman arkham city was so much better than its predecessor a feat I had previously thought impossible.  Arkham City delivered on so many levels be it the huge and beautifully detailed open world or the huge amount of Riddles and Riddler trophies there were to collect, the combat that was improved over Asylum's already perfect system, the new gadgets or the amazing amount of batman's infamous villians included in the game.  Arkham City is simply the greatest game ever made if you are a Batman fan and have not played this or asylum...I have but one question for you. Are you freakin' insane?