I remember when I played Arkham Asylum, I enjoyed almost everything, I don't recall saying something negative about the game. But when Arkham City was announced, I was a little sad that the game wasn't gonna be based in all Gotham, but still, when I got my hands on it, all I can say is that this game was a journey like no other. I gotta admit that I hate the fact that the Game's Story was shorter than the side missions one, but it was still a thrilling journey in the boots of the Bat.

I loved almost everything about it except what I already mentioned about the story length. Also, there was some probs' the game had, like the interrogations, they were only about Riddler, and instead of making the guy talk, Batman just threatened the thug, and the thug say he knows something and the interrogation was over, you can't call that an interrogation, but that's how it was done. Also the other feature that needed a fix was in predator mode, when Batman used the grapple, instead of staying hidden grabbed in the ledge, he automatically jumps and that spoiled the stealth many times. But aside from those minor flaws, the game was nearly perfect.

Playing as Catwoman was not only fun, it was sexy too, (hehe at least for me it was). I say this, since Catwomen like her and Black Cat from marvel always makes me wish to be a superhero, just to be with them, (Black Cat is still my fav between the two), But playing as her, and her and the seen the story told in her eyes was something I don't regret that RockSteady had done.

Batman: Arkham City is one of the best superhero game, and the BEST of all batman games. It's enjoyable, and intriguing, leaves that thinking of "what will happen now" everytime. In my opinion, the phones side missions where my favorite, Tracking the villain (don't want to spoil) was fun and the most intriguing thing of all, plus listening to his stories was interesting too. The main story, was short, but really well told, I can say I never expected to see a scary Batman, and this story delivers, lot of emotions. The ending also was a touching one, and it shows a side of Batman that at least I never imagined. Where the story of RockSteady's Batman goes next, is something I really want to know.