There were so many things i liked about Batman Arkham City. However, there were also things that i didn't like about Arkham City. On to the good stuff first. The game has very well played out gameplay that's very diverse and never gets old. Counter attacking and performing special taking downs makes you feel like the batman you are. The graphics are amazing as well and the game offers so many character bios it's amazing how much thought went into these. Not only that but the game is basically a technical masterpiece. I have never found a single glitch in the game. You'd think this would be a perfect game, but it's not sadly. There are some clear issues with the game. For one, the story. It seemed to just throw in characters just so they could be in the game. Robin for example, he's only in there for 5 minutes and it's basically batman telling him to f off. And once you think about it, you realise it made no sense for Robin to be there. This continues on for a few characters and you really think "seriously?". Also, there is a subplot about Hugo Strange knowing Batman's secret identity, and trust me, the subplot goes nowhere. The subplot isn't brought up again nor is it taken into consideration by Batman or anyone. As for the setting, it's also kind of a letdown. It seems big at first but after a while you realize, it's pretty small for an open world game. However this is one of those games that the good forgives the bad. Awesome graphics, gameplay, and features make this game easily the best batman game of all time.