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  • Blog Post: The Best Licensed Video Game Ever Made

    Gotham City’s skyline glows warmly, showing decades of progress and prosperity in each of its majestic towers. On this night, this impressive view is obstructed by the massive concrete walls of Arkham City, Gotham’s new home for its lunatics and murderers. Behind these barriers, a section... More
  • Blog Post: The Joker Taunts Batman In Arkham City Trailer

    We’ve received a few good trailers featuring some of Batman’s other foes, but this Arkham City trailer focuses on one of Batman’s greatest foes. See how venom withdrawal has disfigured this already twisted individual in the following trailer courtesy of MTV games . Get More: Music News More
  • Blog Post: Mr. Freeze Vs. Batman In Arkham City

    Warner Bros. and Arkham City developer Rockstead have released this new batch of screens featuring Batman and his longtime foe Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze is a much bigger presence in Arkham City than in Arkham Asylum, and you can take a look at him going up against Batman in the screenshot gallery at the... More
  • Blog Post: See The Penguin, Solomon Grundy In All Their Creepy Glory

    Batman definitely has his hands full in Arkham City. A run-down section of Gotham City has been quarantined and turned into a makeshift asylum for Gotham City's most dangerous criminals. A new trailer shows off two of these creeps in detail, and it's clear that the Dark Knight is going to have... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out 10 Minutes Of Batman: Arkham City Gameplay

    Cancel your meetings! Hang up the phone! Shut down Minnesota's government! The only thing you should be doing right now is clicking the "play" button on the video below. This uncut 10-minute gameplay clip shows Catwoman in action, Batman's city navigation, and a confrontation with Two... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Gets A Release Date, Three New Screens

    Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have finally given a release date for the long-awaited Batman: Arkham City. If you're planning to take on the Joker and the rest of Batman's rogues gallery, you'll want to set aside some time in the middle of October. Batman: Arkham City is coming to North America... More
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