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Batman: Arkham City

New Trailer And Screens For Harley Quinn's Revenge

One thing about Batman villains is that they always keep coming back for more. After the events of Arkham City, Harley Quinn takes on the caped crusader yet again in this DLC pack.

During this story-based mission (which Warner Bros. claims lasts over two hours), players alternate control between Batman and Robin. Harley Quinn's Revenge is also the last DLC installment for the game, though players can get the complete package on May 29 with the release of Arkham City's horribly boxed Game of the Year edition. If you just want the Harley Quinn content, you can download it for $10 on May 29. 

Get an idea what you'll be buying with these screens and a trailer:

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  • I can't wait. I'm glad I convinced myself not to sell this game, so much fun.
  • More Arkham City?, sign me up!.
  • This is probably the most bad-ass Robin has ever looked. Like ever.
  • Finally a story DLC, I've been waiting for one. I hope it won't be 10€ in Europe, I think that would be a bit too much for two hours.
  • HOT! I wanna be a villain. XD

  • Two hours!?! Heck yes!

  • Whoa! sweet!

  • I always wished you could play as Robin and Batman in the main story...kinda dissapointed it's only 2 hours though.

  • Really? Just two hours? Man unless the story's absolutely freaking SPECTACULAR, this will be a giant ripoff.
  • Did I seriously just have to watch a commercial so I could watch a commercial?
  • Haha, awesome! Alernating between the Batman and Robin! Can't wait for this.

  • I love the fact that they got Robin involved. Wonder what Catwoman is going to be doing through all this.
  • I kept the game praying that Rocksteady would respond to the fans begging for story DLC. Between this and Perpetual Testing Initiative, this might be the best month for DLC I've ever had. I'm so glad I hung on to BAC.
  • Mod

    shes so adorable

  • I hope Rocksteady gave Robin a "Disarm and Destroy" ability.  That was seriously lacking when you played with him on the challenge maps.  If they do, I will be even happier than I already am for this DLC!

  • Am I the only one who kept this game because it's *** amazing, not just to wait for DLC? I've played the story three times and I can't get enough. $10 for 2 hours of story DLC is well worth it imo.
  • i havent' been this excited since arkham city released!

  • am i the only one sick of the Ghost Recon ad before every video played on GI?
  • really funny how your video player doesn't recognize my age and says I'm not old enough to view it.
  • A little late on the news, like always GI. But hellls yeah, i can't wait for this!

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