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  • Wiki Page: EXtra edge

    The EX tra edge Like many of us, we've spent the 60 or $50, on a great, fun filled game. But we've all beat it (again and again in some cases), so whats next? Yes there's the Challenge maps (which are a whole lot of fun) but whats next? Well here's the EXtra edge gameplay mode. Are you...
  • Wiki Page: Batman Arkham Asylum Basics and Xbox 360 achevement Guide

    Welcome to the Batman basics guide by Mr.3xtr3m3. Lets begin.When it comes to upgrading your abilities, additional armor should be your first priority. The amount of times it'll save your hide more than makes up for its cost, particularly as it helps build your overall experience level. Also, we’ve...
  • Wiki Page: Mastering The Mad House

    By Ashraf Mohammad, QA supervisor at Rocksteady Studios General Tips Action Camera : The action camera shows Batman executing certain moves in a cool view. For example, if you hold the RT button while glide kicking a thug from a vantage point, the camera changes to show Batman swooping down from the...
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