Now Batman Arkham Asylum has rich array of freshness and uniqueness that enables it to shine to the many current gen games out there, though with this comes great responsibility.

  As Batman your not supposed to be beaten up by thugs, or shot to death, your supposed to beating up the thugs, and eloquently "disabling" the thugs with the guns. So here's a quick crash course on fighting the 3 types of thugs.


Normal Thugs: The normal thugs are quite easy, as long as you stay in motion and strike them when no signs of blue appear (warning signs for an attack), and you won't need to parry or jump about in the arena.

"Shocker" Thugs: These thugs holding the "tazer" sticks are maddness to deal with in the flow of battle if in the wrong scenarios. Firstly, if there the only "Special thugs" present ( Thugs with weapons) then rack up a 6 hit combo then take them down with a one hit special move, to finish them off. If there are bigger threats though, try to get behind them quickly and take them out before you get to far into your combo.

Knife toting Thugs: This thugs are a little harder for the fact that they aren't able to be beaten unless parryed in most situations. A quick, and efficient way to deal with these thugs would be to simply use a quick 6 strike combo on the regular thugs and then go toward the knife toting thugs with a one hit ko move. But if you're not far enough in a combo quickly parry there attack and beat them down first to allow for easier combos with the other prisoners.

Here's a quick Fundamental on the Combat Mechanics,

good night, sleep tight,

don't let the Bat bug bite!


~Quick Fundamentals: Combat