By Ashraf Mohammad, QA supervisor at Rocksteady Studios


General Tips

Action Camera: The action camera shows Batman executing certain moves in a cool view. For example, if you hold the RT button while glide kicking a thug from a vantage point, the camera changes to show Batman swooping down from the thug’s perspective. You can also use the action camera with certain gadgets, for example, pressing RB instead of RT to fire the Batarang makes the camera follow it, which is great for Batarang-to-face close up shots.

The Riddler Map: The Riddler has left maps around Arkham that give you the location of all the secrets. If you fancy some treasure hunting, keep an eye out for the maps. These are useful when trying to unlock all the challenge maps, as most of them are unlocked after you have collected certain Riddler secrets.

The Riddler Secrets: Collecting The Riddler secrets replenishes some health and gives you tons of experience for upgrades. When playing the game on hard difficulty, it is best advised to spend some extra time getting upgrades, as these will help you out immensely.

Gadgets: Batman obtains a variety of gadgets during the game, but some can only be obtained via the upgrade system. To fully appreciate the depth of the game and the character, players should make good use of all the gadgets and not get into a habit of using certain ones, especially if you really want to have fun in the Invisible Predator rooms.

Upgrade System: The upgrade system can be categorized into three different areas of focus: combat, armor, and gadgets. Naturally players that like combat would go for the combat upgrades, however the upgrades don’t just enhance your gameplay and give you cool new skills, they really help you out. For instance, if you are playing on hard difficulty, enemies do more damage, so the armor upgrades are a natural choice. Sometimes you have to fight hordes of enemies, and if you find them too much to handle, the Combat Takedown upgrade lets you take out thugs in one move once you’ve built up the required combo.

Invisible Predator Rooms

It is possible to complete every Invisible Predator room without being seen, but you must learn a few essential tips.

Enemy Patterns: First, when you enter an Invisible Predator room, find yourself a vantage point and observe the enemies. Study their patterns, patrol routes, etc. This helps you find weaknesses in their initial patterns so you can plan an attack.

Invisible Predator Level: The second important thing to know is the layout of the room. As you progress through the game, enemies become more aware when one of them is missing. When this happens they will detach from their initial patterns and start looking for Batman, making it harder to take them out as their movements become random. It’s also useful to plan escape routes.

Traps: Making good use of Batman’s gadgets and the environment to set up traps can help you complete a room in a short amount of time. Keep an eye out for things like weak walls that you can blow up onto thugs using your explosive gel.


Find A Rhythm: Try to keep your combo going. The higher you build your combo the more powerful your moves get. This will help you take out thugs in a shorter amount of time. You can also make use of combo upgrades, like combat throws, when you build up your combo.

Timing: It is important to have good timing in combat. Knowing the right time to counter, stun, and evade can save you from getting hurt badly, especially when there are a lot of bad guys. In hard mode enemies are faster and stronger, and you won’t be notified when one of them is going to hit you, so you must rely on skill and timing to survive.

Gadgets: Batman can use some of his gadgets as part of the combo and they can be very useful. For example, once you have unlocked the Combo Batarang upgrade, you can use the Batarang to knock an enemy down, giving you more time to take out other guys. This is really useful if an enemy in the distance is prepping a gun to shoot you.

Fun Stuff

Batclaw: You can pull the unsuspecting enemy over railings with the Batclaw. This is a very effective way to take people out and can lead to hours of fun. You can even drag them off ladders.

Steerable Batarang: Once unlocked, you can use the Steerable Batarang to take out multiple enemies.

Ladder Bomb: Spray explosive gel on the landing at the top of a ladder, wait for a thug to climb up, detonate the gel and watch him fly. Once you have unlocked the Auto Proximity Detonation upgrade, you won’t even have to detonate the explosive, which is very useful.

Lure Traps: Take out a thug in front of a weak wall. Set some explosive gel on the wall, and make sure it blows over the downed thug. Some thugs should come to investigate their downed ally, and when they do, detonate the gel. The debris from the wall will take them all out.

Combat Throw: Once unlocked, you can throw one thug onto another and knock them down, or throw the thug onto tables or over railings.

Strung Up Thugs: With the Inverted Takedown attack unlocked, you can string up thugs onto vantage points. If other thugs come to investigate, you can cut the thug down onto them and knock them out.