I recently got the Freeflow Gold achievement in Batman Arkham Asylum. Personally, I thought the combat challenges were the most challenging part of the game. I would like to share some tips to help others get the combat challenge achievements (Freeflow Bronze, Silver and Gold.)


Do NOT Button Mash!!! I can't emphasize this enough. It took me awhile to stop, but I finally got myself to slow down and quit the button mashing. This only hinders you, it doesn't help - period. Especially in the extreme challenges, when I was surrounded by a great number of enemies, I would often get frantic and start button mashing. Bad, bad, bad.


Variety If you haven't already, work on the Freeflow Perfection achievement. Using all of Batman's moves is the most important thing you can do to help your score. If you get a combo using all of the moves, you can earn 5,000 bonus points (per round). Make a concious effort to use all of Batman's moves. Even if you don't get the Perfect Combo, you can get 1,000 to 3,500 extra points for variety.


Round One By the end of the first round, you should have your first medal, or at least very close to it. In the extreme challenges, it can be tough to get your first medal by the first round. On the last challenge, the first medal is 30,000 and I had 24,000ish but that was close enough. It is very important that you score as high as you can in the first round since it's the easiest round. If you don't get your first medal or close to it, just start over.


Mistakes  There are some mistakes in the combat challenges that are really easy to make. Get these things in your head:

  • Don't try to regular strike an enemy that has the counterstrike indicator above his head. There are times that you might think, "I've got time to regular punch him." Trust me, you don't.


  • Don't try to ground take-down an enemy if there are other enemies too close-by. Especially if you throw an enemy, try to throw them away from everyone and then go for the ground take-down.


  • Keep track of who you've hit already. This is important because sometimes you will throw an enemy that has already taken some damage and then you'll go to jump on him for the ground take-down and he's already "dead" and that will break your combo.


Misc.  Here are some more, various tips.

  • Jump! You can jump at least a couple times in a row without breaking your combo. This is really helpful when you haven't built up your combo yet and the next enemy isn't close enough to punch because Batman hasn't gained his crazy combo ability to jump clear across the room to strike people... HAHA!


  • When you get your 5X combo, Instant Take-down (Y+B on Xbox 360) special enemies (guns, knives or stun-rods). You don't want to mess with these guys... they are annoying. Just finish them off and be done with them.


  • I know it's easier said than done, but try really hard to direct where you attack next. It's really frustrating when you get into your flow and then you jump into a stun-rod or knife guy and break your combo. Try to avoid these special enemies when you are building up your combo with regular strikes. Also, though you can stun the knife guys to strike them and you can jump over stun-rod guys to strike them, I usually just try to avoid them until I get my combo moves.


  • When you use your triple grapple to pull guys towards you, jump over the stun-rod guys if they are one of the enemies you grabbed. When they stumble towards you, their stun-rod will shock you that will damage you and break your combo.


  • In the levels with the Titans, utilize them. Stun them with your batarang and jump on their back to hit the other enemies to rack up a high combo. Don't forget to jump away and start attacking people again when they throw you off their back, so you can continue that high combo.