Intensive Treatment

Wellcome to another one of Mr. 3xtr3m3's guides. Let's start the show.


In the beginning a cutscene showing that Batman has captured the Joker will happen in which you begin to play. This part is very easy. Just follow Joker. Once you've finished you finished the entire game. The end NOT. Another cutscene showing Joker's escape [for those who didn't even think this was going to happen you need to play more games] . Now for action. You will begin by attacking Joker's henchmen. Just strike them and build up a good combat flow for good points that could be spent on upgrades. For a riddler trophy move the camera if you need to in order to find a vent. Approach the vent and press a, x, or something I think control for pc to break the vent once done crawl [RT, R2, or well I don't know what you press for pc. Just check your manual. After this one of the electric fence's will open then go through there. Afterwords approach a guard who's partner is in trouble. Run to the stairs, talk to another guard, activate detective mode. then grapple on a gargoyle. On the top of Zasz's head should be a bat symbol so after giving him a friendly welcome with your foot preform a ground takedown.

Hope you enjoyed the show and I'll see you next for part 2.