For those of you who had issues trying to find the RIDDLER'S Challenges, look no further. I Just got done with this! HOPE YOU GUYS FIND THEM ALL!

“Don’t Cut Yourself on This Sharply Observed Portrait”Walk back to the edge of the raised lever near the ladder and look to the left to spot a framed portrait of Warden Sharp. Go into Detective Mode and scan the portrait to solve the riddle. A guard named William North unlocks a door to the Utility Corridor as soon as this Riddle is Solved.

“A Puzzle Has Many Sides, But Only Some Are Visible.”Stand inside the office in the center of the Intensive Treatment Lobby and activate Detective Mode. Study the windows on the Southern Side of the Office and locate the upper portion of the Question Mark on the window by the door. Try to align them or manipulate the camera to line up the Riddle.

“You Don’t Know Jack About Gotham. Tune In To End Out.”- Follow your ears to the radio on the bench in the locker room of the Utility Corridor. Zoom in on the radio dial, specifically to where you see the name Jack Ryder. Use detective Mode Button to scan it.

The Legacy of This Island Has Been Well and Truly Buried.”- Enter the Cemetery to the Southeast of the Botanical Gardens entrance. Simply locate the headstone for Amadeus Arkham and scan it to solve the riddle.

“Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee Saw It, Can You See it?” Head North past the watchtowers and locate the gate marking the main entrance to Arkham Asylum. There is a child’s see-saw on the Right; scan it to solve the riddle.

Now I See It , Now You Don’t!” Head to the crumbling building to the West of the Children’s playground equipment and study the stone archway on the left, behind the tree. Use detective mode to line the Riddle up.

Do You See What I Can See? No? Then Maybe I AM In A Stronger Position!” Climb or grapple to the highest point of the Penitentiary and go into Detective mode. Look down over the railing and you find the Riddle. So just align the Question mark and you found this challenge.

“Tick! Tack! News Flash! Someone Is Not Getting Out of Here Alive!” Drop to the lowest lever in the Sanatorium and scan the skeletons in the jail cell.

A Question Can Only Be Answered From A New Perspective? Don’t You Agree?” Use Detective mode to spot a weakened section on the floor towards the West side of the room. Use the Explosive gel to blow it up. Then take a step back and align the Riddle and you solved this riddle.

“Is the Generosity of Our Benefactors On the Wayne?” Proceed to the Medical Foyer towards the Sanatorium to pass the Security gate. Next scan a plaque on the wall that states “This Unit of Arkham Asylum was funded by Bruce Wayne.”  



“Was This Fire Fly Too Hot Off The Press?”Clear the Patient Observation area of the Joker Toxin, and then enter the room with the destroyed ceiling. Zoom in and scan the newspaper clipping with the headline “Firefly Escapes.”


“ShhhhSShhS! Rumors Persist That Tommy Elliot Operates In Arkham. Can It Be True?”Grapple to the upper level of the Surgery Room and scan the large board with the operating schedule. Basically, just focus on the T Elliot location.


“What Silent Killer of the Oceans Can Be Found In A Tiny Jar?”Look around the center of the Morgue after escaping the Run-in with scarecrow and scan the jar labeled “Great White Shark.”


“Is This Bear The Bane Of his Life?”Follow the arrows on the floor in the Lower Corridor to the Experimental Chamber. Locate the stuffed bear on the table on the left side of the room and scan it to solve the riddle.

“Gotham’s Greatest Family Towers Over The City.”Grapple to the roof of Arkham Mansion, above the courtyard between the center of the house and the Northern wing. Zoom in on the Large W logo on top of the Wayne Enterprise Building.  


“Who Is The Main Man In The Main Hall?”Defeat the enemies in the Main Hall, and then approach the hallway leading to the South Corridor. Scan the portrait of Commissioner James Gordon to Solve the Riddle.

“What Does A Bird Need In The Rain?”Think about it? That hard? C’mon Enter the Corridor and scan the set up of umbrellas inside the glass case on the East Side of the room.

“This Fiendish Puzzle Literally Appears Out of Thin Air.”Use the Detective Mode and Locate the Upper ½ that is on the wall in the South Corridor. Grapple to the Ventilation system on the other side of the room and spot the small dot of paint on the ductwork.

“Did Amadeus Go Mad Or Was He Just Dizzy?”Crawl through the ventilation system in the North Corridor to reach the 2 secluded cells in the back. Enter the one with the writings on the wall and scan it.

“It’ll Be A Cold Day In Hell When This Ghul Rises Again.”Sneak through the ventilation system from the upper level of the North Corridor to Dr. Young’s Office. Defeat the henchman then head to the stair and scan the corpse on the open drawer in the morgue part of the office.


“How Do You Mask Your Feelings Without Losing Control?”Zoom in and scan the mask hanging on the wall in Dr. Young’s Office. The Mask is located to the Right of the safe.


“A Game of Cat And Mouse Can Be Painful.”Head over to the East Wing Corridor and scan the display case containing Catwoman’s mask and gloves.

“Isn’t The Warden Too Old For A Puppet Show?”Just scan the Puppet in the Glass Case inside the Warden’s Office. [Scarface.]

“How Do You Reflect On Your Success And Failures, Batman?”Enter the women’s restroom [relax guys, seriously] in the Cells Access area and scan the mirror on the wall.


“Two People, One Voice, No?”Get to the top of the cells in the Main Cell Block and take the ramp to the Northern walkway. Find the Tommy Gun on the wall and scan it.  

“A Case Of Mistaken Identity?”After rescuing the Warden in the Security Control Room, scan the prisoner behind the glass at the South side of this room.  

“A Puzzle Has Many Sides But Only Some Are Visible.”Climb the 2nd column inside the Main Sewer Junction. Then Shimmy along the crack in the tower to the ledge and climb up to where the riddle is located. Use Detective Mode to Align the Riddle.  

“This Room Is The End OF Days For Even The Most Celebrated Killer.”Head to the West Wing of the Main Cell Block and locate the cell along the Northern Wall. Try to find 1 that has calendar clippings on the wall.

“What Has Four Walls, Two Sides, And One Ex DA?”Head over to the controlled Access corridor and keep your eyes open for the cell on the Right. It contains the “VOTE DENT” poster. Scan it

“All Alone In Your Cell? Why Don’t You Break The Ice With The Most Dangerous Prisoners?”Scan the ice-covered prison cell in the Extreme Incarceration Area after approaching Harley Quinn.  

“Zsasz Is Counting On You Finding His Work.”Use the Cryptographic Sequencer with the Range Amplifier upgrade to deactivate the gate in the upper balcony of the Penitentiary. Get in the room and zoom in on the table to solve the riddle.   

“My Challenges Appear To Those With The Correct Position In Life.”Use the grapple to get to the Top of Arkham Mansion to the ledge along the rear tower. Head South of the tower and use Detective Mode to Locate the upper portion of the Question Mark between the 2 pitched roofs below. Line them up and scan it.

“Looks Like All The King’s Horses Trampled All The King’s Men.”Enter the Flooded Corridor through the ductwork leading from Abandoned Chamber and head South toward the blockade. Inspect the pile of toy dolls on the bench in the corner of the Hallway.

“Is This A Tribute To Want A Mad Dog Left Behind?”Continue through the flooded Corridor to the East and Inspect the beheaded statue. Zoom in and scan the name “Mad Dog”


“Remember The Waynes? How Could Anyone Forget?”Head to the Statue Corridor and zoom in on the dedication plate on the park bench. Scan the names of Thomas and Martha Wayne to Solve the riddle.

“The Ratcatcher Needed More Than Just His Charm To Lead His Army.”Enter the ventilation system in the Flooded Corridor and crawl through the ductwork to the grate overlooking a pair of gloves, a mask, and a book. Scan it.

“This Challenge Can Only Be Seen By Those With A Different View On Life.”Leap through the waterfall in the Abandoned Chamber to reach the central ledge. Go around the corner onto the metal catwalk lowered by the cut rope. Head halfway across this catwalk, then climb into a hanging position on the central brick tower. Shimmy around the side and climb up. Use detective mode to find the Question mark and align the “?” up.


“Is The Number Up For These Guards?”Investigate the 2 dead security guards on the Park Bench in the corner of the Glasshouse Entrance. Scan it.

“What Time Is Tea Time In Wonderland?”Look for the Tea Set on the Rocky Ledge in the lower Northwest Corner of the Botanical Glasshouse. The Tea set is green and blends with the surroundings.

“There’s No Closet In The Gardens So Someone Is Using The Roof Instead.”Crawl through the ventilation grate near the Southern Entrance to the Aviary and climb through the narrow passage to the 2nd section to ductwork. Exit onto the tiny ledge in the southwest corner of the aviary and locate the Skeleton in the web on the left.

“Let’s Face It, There Are Two Dents On The Wall.”Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to break into the guard shack in the center of Arkham Island North. Approach the wall with the numerous “VOTE DENT” posters and scan them.


“A Top Hat And Tails Is The Only Dress Code For This Party In The North?”Return the Transfer Loop and duck underneath the partially lowered gate to enter the small office in the center. Zoom in on the poster. Scan it.


“Does Scarecrow’s Gas Break Down Barriers As It Drives You Insane?”Use the Ultra Batclaw to tear down the wall high on the cliffs in the Northeast Section of Arkham Island West. Grapple into the alcove and scan the tanks

“Hook Up With The Relatives Before You’re Transferred Out Of Here”Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the gate on the Southeast side of the Cell Block Transfer Area. Go to Cash’s office and zoom in on the family photo. Scan it.

“Dr. Jonathan Crane Plans On Elevating Fear To New Depths.”Drop into the vacant elevator pit at the bottom of Secure Transit and crawl through the Ventilation System to reach the mysterious cave behind the walls. Scan the blueprints leaning against the rock walls

“Even I Was Shocked When I Saw How Maxi Zeus Was Treated?”Use the Detective Mode to spot the weakened wall in the Patient Pacification Chamber And Blow it up with the Explosive Gel. Scan the Book and art work on the wall.

“Where Would You Find My Home Sweet Home?”Return through the Intensive Treatment Facility to the Holding Cells and scan the green Question marks the Northeastern Cell to solve the riddle.

“Are You Going To Take Your Hat Off To Harley, Bats?”Grapple to the empty ductwork in the elevator shaft on the lower floor of the Medical Facility and crawl through the ventilation system to the intersection. Turn to the Right and drop into Harley’s former office. Zoom in on the Jester Head. Scan it.

“Our Records Show That A Strange Transfer Request Was Made In This Room.”Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to disable the security field sealing off the South Office in the Arkham Records Room. Cross over the electric floor using the Line Launcher and scan the files.

“Prometheus, Arkham Guards’ Most Wanted And Most Hated.”Eliminate the Joker Toxin in the Guard Room, and Drop to the floor, and locate the bulletin board in the corner. Scan the wanted poseter.

 “When Is Something Right In Front Of You, But Still Hidden From You?”Head back to the Guard Room and use the Explosive Gel and Ultra Batclaw to reveal the extraction fan controls. Turn on the fans using a Batarang, then Line Launch across to the North. Turn around and use Detective Mode to line up the Question mark.