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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham Asylum Review (rswithandrew)

    One of the best batman games of all time! The Story of a life time! In the world of comic book videogames there is always one factor that will make or break the title in question; letting the player feel like their favorite hero. Each game should feature some sort of game mechanic that provides players...
  • Blog Post: A Vast Look into an Insane World.

    Going into Batman: Arkham Asylum, I would've considered myself a Batman fan. I loved the newer movies, and had seen them multiple times. After getting only a little ways into the game however, I realized how much I didn't know about in the Batman world. This game completely immerses you into...
  • Blog Post: Batman Adds Video Games to His Already Impressive Resume

    "Congratulations, Batman! You finally have an impressive video game." Batman is an iconic character and Batman Arkham Asylum finally proved what we've all known all along... Batman is an awesome video game character! For me, Batman Arkham Asylum wasn't just a great game, it was a blend...
  • Blog Post: Batman Done Right

    Not only is this game an achievement for all Batman games, but all comic book or movie games as well. Don't come in to Batman: Arkham Asylum expecting the same rushed, poor quality game you've played time and time again with a well known series' name plastered in the title in place of quality...
  • Blog Post: I am the Batman!

    (Sniff) this game is beautiful. That's my review for this entire game. I'm done. Unfortunately, I guess I have to explain why this game is great. It could be easier if I just wrote that, but you deserve an explanation why it's great. FINE! I'LL EXPLAIN! Do you know how long it's been...
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