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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham Asylum Review (rswithandrew)

    One of the best batman games of all time! The Story of a life time! In the world of comic book videogames there is always one factor that will make or break the title in question; letting the player feel like their favorite hero. Each game should feature some sort of game mechanic that provides players...

    I havent played to many Batman games but this one takes the cake.I never played such a smooth combat system and the story is incredible.Plus once u beat the game(stay after credits) you will probobly want to play it at least once more,but there are also challenge modes like survive 3 rounds of increasingly...
  • Blog Post: A First!

    For once a comic book hero is in a video game that does not suck (Exhibts A-C: Spider Man)! This game's controls, graphics, storyline, etc, rocks! This is the game that any Batman fan or action gamer should get!
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham Asylum Reader Review

    Batman: Arkham Asylum Review By Charles E Fuquay III Batman has always been one of the most loved and most popular comic book heroes of all time. To date I have yet to find a game that comes as close to putting you behind the mask of the Dark Knight more than Arkham Asylum. I’ve had plenty of friends...
  • Blog Post: Arkham marks a new high for Batman

    The first time I played Arkham, I was hooked. It had a very good story, great actors, amazing controls, and lots of extras (whether you are looking for trivia, treasure hunts, or challenge rooms filled with henchmen). In fact, the only reason I stopped playing it is because I basically hit a wall of...
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