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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham Asylum Review (rswithandrew)

    One of the best batman games of all time! The Story of a life time! In the world of comic book videogames there is always one factor that will make or break the title in question; letting the player feel like their favorite hero. Each game should feature some sort of game mechanic that provides players...

    I havent played to many Batman games but this one takes the cake.I never played such a smooth combat system and the story is incredible.Plus once u beat the game(stay after credits) you will probobly want to play it at least once more,but there are also challenge modes like survive 3 rounds of increasingly...
  • Blog Post: Short Review

    This game is truly beautiful, amazing, wonderful, etc.... Everythinga bout this game is awesome, although i did get tired of beating the game over and over and over again. Thats mainly why im SUPER excited for Arkham City, cause i bet in arkham city.... It'll probably have free roam, bigger space...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to the Madhouse

    Batman: Arkham Asylum successfully creates the Batman game everyone's always wanted and then some. It starts off with Joker being captured by the Dark Knight himself, bringing him to Arkham Asylum, house of the criminally insane. Our hero recognizes that something is wrong and wouldn't you know...
  • Blog Post: Batman at his Best and Joker doing his Worst(in a good way)

    At first glimpse of batman arkham asylum i thought this game would be boring,nothing to do,and ends quickly(like any superhero game).But when i played this game i knew from the very beginning that i was in for a thrill ride.The Story of Batman Arkham Asylum is about...well batman.Batman has captured...
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