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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Jimmy Fallon Spends Some Quality Time With Batman

Jimmy Fallon hooked up with Rocksteady Studio co-founder Sefton Hill to beat up some bad guys in Batman: Arkham City. There isn't any new information to be gleaned from the video, but it may help alleviate some of the longing you're feeling as you wait for Batman to release on Tuesday.

Fallon is typically excited to get his hands on the game, and unsurprisingly, it looks awesome. Tuesday couldn't seem further away.

Andrew Reiner loved Batman, giving it an amazing score. Check out his review here, and start coming up with an excuse for why you won't be at work on Tuesday.

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  • Who is Jimmy Fallon again?

    Edit: If this guy can play Batman it shouldn't be too hard.
  • Is the video not working for other people?
  • god i hate jimmy fallon. terrible.
  • God i cannot wait for Tuesday!!!! It needs to come faster!!!

  • Fall break Monday and Tuesday for me, so I am going to be playing from midnight launch until the early morning of Wednesday. Already forsaken all my loved ones for those two days.
  • my first comment ever: beans. Thank you and Good Night!
  • Still trying to be a gamer I see? lol
  • That was... cocky.

  • Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for having Sefton on your show so we could see some more gameplay footage. ^This is what all of you should be saying. Your hate for Jimmy is making you overlook the awesomeness of this game. And that should not be.
  • that was the best thing I've ever seen

  • Video no work for me :(

  • He is definitely not playing, he is doing counters and everything. Jimmy is just button mashing like a fool. Hes not playing, it would have done them no good to have Jimmy demo this making it look idiotic as Batman just got his ass kicked..
  • Hooray Jimmy Fallon.

  • lol, Jimmy Fallon is so awesome and the game looked pretty good. I guess that since I'm not as huge into video games as other people are I'm not as excited for this but I will admit that it looks good. And for the people bashing Jimmy Fallon, just because he's an actor doesn't mean he cant play or be good at video games
  • This was so funny lol

  • wow, can not wait any longer for Monday night

  • I just don't like the idea that Jimmy Fallon gets to play this game before me.

  • I'm not a big fan of Jimmy Fallon either, but you guys are dismissing that fact that he is one of the very few people on television that care about giving the video game industry the respect it deserves. Think about all the awful television shows you see that make gamers look like overweight, lazy, unhygienic losers (Law and Order for example.) It helps to have a fairly mainstream celebrity pushing for something that you and I all love. That, and Arkham City will be awesome.
  • this isn't gonna be another video that will make me feel embarrassed about watching, is it?
  • never heard of Jimmy Fallon.
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