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  • Blog Post: Licensed Gaming Just Got a Whole Lot Better

    At first glance, one might say,” Another licensed game; just another way for them to make more money,” but taking a chance to actually play the game, you’ll realize that Batman: Arkham Asylum is much more than that. All components of the game are hooking and satisfying. The combat, the platforming, the... More
  • Blog Post: What More Can Be Said...

    ...about this game. It is stellar. Story, voice acting, gameplay, all are superb. I knocked it down a little due to technical issues I encountered. I had to reload a couple of areas as frames started dropping with nothing going on. I don't know if GOTY edition is the only way to buy it as challenge... More
  • Blog Post: Not Completely Like Arkham City, But It's Still Great.

    After playing Arkham City, and clearing the game last year, I was dying to know how Joker was nearly close to dying after he said. "Well look who it is. I haven't seen you since like... How long has it been? Oh yes! There was an Asylum, monsters and oh that's right! You left me to die!"... More
  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham Asylum- The Good and The Bad

    The Games story line was perfect and the characters were cool looking, like scarecrow with his needle injection hands. And Batmans gadgets. Arkham Asylum was pretty big and awesome looking. One of my favorite things in the game were Riddlers Riddles. He gave riddles to you and you find them, for example... More
  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham Asylum Reviews

    The Games story line was perfect and the characters were cool looking, like scarecrow with his needle injection hands. And Batmans gadgets. Arkham Asylum was pretty big and awesome looking. One of my favorite things in the game were Riddlers Riddles. He gave riddles to you and you find them, for example... More
  • Blog Post: Batman Arkham Asylum Review (rswithandrew)

    One of the best batman games of all time! The Story of a life time! In the world of comic book videogames there is always one factor that will make or break the title in question; letting the player feel like their favorite hero. Each game should feature some sort of game mechanic that provides players... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Night

    Best Batman game ever, no best souperhero game ever. You need patince to play this game not my best qulatiy. Also you get stuck in the game alot. On th bright side beating up goons is fun in the story mode and mingames is fun. I think this created some of the best game moments. More

    I havent played to many Batman games but this one takes the cake.I never played such a smooth combat system and the story is incredible.Plus once u beat the game(stay after credits) you will probobly want to play it at least once more,but there are also challenge modes like survive 3 rounds of increasingly... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham Asylum Must Have

    This game I feel had a perfect blend of geat graphics, horror, stealth, combat, easy controls, and plot. After catching Joker way to easily, he finds a way to take contol of the asylum, and it's your job to take it back by any means necessary. The combat was very easy to dominate I loved the multiple... More
  • Blog Post: I love this game!!!!

    This is the ultimate Batman game. If your a fan of the Dark Knight, and haven't played this game, then you have two options. Kick yourself and say forget it or go buy the game. I recommend you purchaase the game unless your just into kicking yourself. The game play mechanics are unreal. The freeflow... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome to the Madhouse

    Batman: Arkham Asylum successfully creates the Batman game everyone's always wanted and then some. It starts off with Joker being captured by the Dark Knight himself, bringing him to Arkham Asylum, house of the criminally insane. Our hero recognizes that something is wrong and wouldn't you know... More
  • Blog Post: A First!

    For once a comic book hero is in a video game that does not suck (Exhibts A-C: Spider Man)! This game's controls, graphics, storyline, etc, rocks! This is the game that any Batman fan or action gamer should get! More
  • Blog Post: The Dark Knight Shows How to Make a Hero Game

    Now that I have a PS3, I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Being a big fan of Batman, (comics in general really), I’ve been looking very forward to trying out this new comic-hero game, even though comic-book-hero games don’t have the best track record. Though... More
  • Blog Post: Batman at his Best and Joker doing his Worst(in a good way)

    At first glimpse of batman arkham asylum i thought this game would be boring,nothing to do,and ends quickly(like any superhero game).But when i played this game i knew from the very beginning that i was in for a thrill ride.The Story of Batman Arkham Asylum is about...well batman.Batman has captured... More
  • Blog Post: Arkham marks a new high for Batman

    The first time I played Arkham, I was hooked. It had a very good story, great actors, amazing controls, and lots of extras (whether you are looking for trivia, treasure hunts, or challenge rooms filled with henchmen). In fact, the only reason I stopped playing it is because I basically hit a wall of... More
  • Blog Post: Batman Adds Video Games to His Already Impressive Resume

    "Congratulations, Batman! You finally have an impressive video game." Batman is an iconic character and Batman Arkham Asylum finally proved what we've all known all along... Batman is an awesome video game character! For me, Batman Arkham Asylum wasn't just a great game, it was a blend... More
  • Blog Post: My usual Good vs. Bad review for Batman: Arkham Asylum (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned)

    My usual Good vs. Bad review (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned) Batman Arkham Asylum is the best super hero game out there, but not just because it's a game featuring the dark knight. There are many things that put this game far above the others, but to find out what I'm talking about... More
  • Blog Post: Batman Done Right

    Not only is this game an achievement for all Batman games, but all comic book or movie games as well. Don't come in to Batman: Arkham Asylum expecting the same rushed, poor quality game you've played time and time again with a well known series' name plastered in the title in place of quality... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham Asylum Review (PS3 Version)

    I grew up a huge fan of Batman: The Animated Series, which features the voices of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. To this day, I love that entire series with all my heart. Hell, one of the animated flicks, 'Mask of the Phantasm', used to give me nightmares as a kid (not anymore, I swear!). So it... More
  • Blog Post: Best.Batman game. Ever.

    As some of you may know, I'm a Batman fan. A fan of the comics, (most of) the movies, and the cartoons(espically the 90's animated series). There's just something about the character I find interesting. The one pice of Batman merchendise I am NOT a fan of however, are his videogames. "Batman... More
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