At first glance, one might say,” Another licensed game; just another way for them to make more money,” but taking a chance to actually play the game, you’ll realize that Batman: Arkham Asylum is much more than that. All components of the game are hooking and satisfying. The combat, the platforming, the exploration, and the Riddler’s challenges. Also Arkham Asylum includes an extremely large amount of content that tempts the player to continue playing after completing the story. The included challenge maps and Riddler trophies to collect provide several more additional hours of replay value.

One of the most satisfying parts of the gameplay is the combat. The easy to use controls allows for crippling punches, devastating counter attacks, and the use of an arsenal of Batarangs and more. The platforming and puzzles also excel in giving variety to the mix without making the gameplay a chore. And newcomers to the Batman series will quickly be able to understand the situation while hardcore Batman fans will enjoy the little touches like the rarely mentioned super villains that appear in cameos throughout the game.

Batman: Arkham Asylum truly delivers an experience unlike any licensed game has ever done and surpasses many other games made by first and third parties. So next time you approach this game on the store shelf, give it a try and discover the brighter side of licensed gaming.