After playing Arkham City, and clearing the game last year, I was dying to know how Joker was nearly close to dying after he said. "Well look who it is. I haven't seen you since like... How long has it been? Oh yes! There was an Asylum, monsters and oh that's right! You left me to die!" 


After that explosion in the church in Arkham City, I wanted to play Arkham Asylum so badly.

But luckily, my cousin. bought his PS3 version of Arkham Asylum and it was the GOTY edition. After getting into my 1st playthrough for Arkham Asylum, I decided to get my own copy of Arkham Asylum. 

Even though I didn't get the GOTY edition, but oh well.


Anyways, it's time for the review.


Your Bat journey in Arkham Asylum begins with you, playing as Batman, and you got to keep the Joker company. Then you got into a cutscene where Batman Finds Jim Gordon and talks about Joker surrendering easily, then Batman has a bad feeling Joker is up to something, and it turns out he was up to something. Joker gets loose, then takes control of the entire Asylum.


The combat feels like you are a judo master, and in Predator challenges, you hunt down henchman with armed weapons to make the rooms in Arkham Asylum entirely safe. The controls are fun,and it makes you feel like you are. The Batman.


Since other Batman games are really Terible (Not Arkham City), Rocksteady proves to the gaming industry that they know  to make superhero games the right way, and so should other developers.

Although for Arkham Asylums comparison to Arkham City, Arkham City is still absolutely amazing.


I would Reccomend Arkham City, and Arkham Asylum for any Batman fan, any age.