The Games story line was perfect and the characters were cool looking, like scarecrow with his needle injection hands. And Batmans gadgets. Arkham Asylum was pretty big and awesome looking. One of my favorite things in the game were Riddlers Riddles. He gave riddles to you and you find them, for example There was an riddle about firefly. so you find this article about Firefly getting arrested and then you get his bio. The Combat is amazing, when an enemy is about to punch you a symbol apers above his hide and you then bloke it. And The voices in the animated tv show are back for there characters. But a Game always has its fall downs. First the commentary, you can just about put anything for there voice and it looks like its him talking. 2, killer Croc is a man with scaly skin not a giant who eats people and Bane is a strategy man not a brute force man. And 3, you can play as joker exclusively for PS3, not cool.Over all it was a pretty good game.