Batman: Arkham Asylum was the first PS3 game I'd played on my PS3. It was amazing. It delivers on expectations, and brings you on a dark, batman adventure.

Graphics are pretty good. Cutscenes are stunning, but pop-up facials, and some crappy facials, pulls the graphics bar down. Story is great. Dark and brutal tale of Batman. Campaign pretty good. about 6-8 hours, plus adventuring around Arkham asylum.

Voice acting is great. Mark hamill as joker, and the guy who plays Batman both gave great performances. Easy to control. Also it's really fun. Apparently, beating the crap out of bad guys couldn't be so much fun.

Overall it's a great game. You really should get this game. It won't disapoint. That's why I give Batman: Arkham Asylum a

9.25 out of 10