Having heard great things about this game, I was excited to start Arkham Asylum. I enjoyed this game far more than what I expected. They did such an amazing job on this game! The freeflow gameplay was great, it made me feel powerfull as a knocked out enemies in hand-to-hand combat. The stealth takeout style also in the game was fun, reminding me of Splinter Cell just with different gadgets. The extra Riddler missions were actual fun rather than tedious like most games, they didn't make them impossible to find but they did make you think a little bit, even if you did have the map. The storyline was enjoyable- a night locked in an asylum filled with the most dangerous supervillains and with the Joker in command! The gadgets were so much fun, blowing stuff up, throwing a quick batarang in the middle of my combo to knock over my enemies, and pulling apart a concrete wall by hand with the ultra batclaw. The campiagn was a perfect length: not too short, but certainly not too long. The setting was well-done: the island was a breand new addition to the Batman world, and it's impressive in its detail. [I know I might be compromising the formality of my review but I am currently enjoying a very tasty double-quarter pounder X) ]  Anyways, the gameplay is simple enough for people of any age to pick up, it never loses its fun adventurous nature. I must admit that my favorite parts of the game were the scarecrow bits. It was very thrilling, and it told you something about Batman's fears and his past. Also, a noticed but easily forgotten detail, the voice actors for the characters were just mind-blowing, especially Batman and Joker. I didn't really play the challenge mode much, but I did go through them and they were pretty fun; if your favorite part of the game was snooping around and killing people, then this is definitely for you, it even gives you some more challenging objectives to hunt for if simply beating the challenge was too easy for you. I would definitely recommend this game to anyonne I know who enjoys playing games. I gave this game a 10 because 1) I couldn't think of any ways to improve the game, there weren't any bugs that I found while playing through(I was able to find all the Riddler puzzle solutions) 2) the game had a good balance of everything- campaign length, hand-to-hand v.s stealth combat situations, Riddler puzzles were not too numerous or challenging- and 3) this game could be played by gamers of any type, age, and has an extremely high replay value. I look forward to playing Arkham City (as soon as the price drops).