All the praises Bastion gets are well deserved, but there is one seldom given criticism -- it is too bloody long. By the time I was about one third of the way through the game, I expected to be done, but then it went on for two more thirds. For the second third, I went along with it, and then when the final third came, it became a slog of last minute ideas being thrown in by the developers. The fact that there is even a platforming section in a game that has no reason to include platforming... is just ridiculous. Like Red Dead Redemption, this game tries very hard to be an outstanding title, but is trying far too hard. It would have been better to make an expansion pack or content update down the road rather than push so much in at the last minute. Plot twists occur so close together that you barely get time to process them, and motivations aren't really explained until the final hour or so of the game. Bastion is a great game, no doubt, but oh it needs an editor to cut some of the excess. The game spends so much time packing new combat scenarios in that it even lacks the choice input that earlier and later levels do -- instead leaning on straight linear progression through environments.  If Bastion had ended sooner, this score would probably be higher, but there is such a concept as having too much of a good thing.