Bastion is an excellent game that finds the perfect balance of innovation with familiarity in every way. Every time I think I have the game figured out, it pleasantly surprises me and makes me want to play even more.

The most obvious way that Bastion excels is it's sound. Two things from the audio stick out; First, the music, and then the narration. The music is spectacular. Each song is unique and distinct, but they all fit the game very well. Specifically the vocal tracks are brilliant additions to the game and set the mood extremely well. The narration is also one of the strongest points in the game. The narrator's dialog is very well timed, and uniquely situational, creating a very unique experience

Audio is not the only way Bastion excelled though. The game play starts off familiar, seeming like a beat 'em up. It gradually becomes tweaked through custom difficulty modifiers, weapon customization, and interchangeable passive upgrades. Exploration is also a huge part of bastion. Paths are not revealed until you get close to them, adding not only a cool visual effect, but a great way to hide secret paths.


Visually, Bastion excels as well. The floor rising up as you walk looks gorgeous, and the varying color schemes of the levels are great.

Ultimately, Bastion is an excellent game that sets the bar at almost every level, especially for low budget games.