This game is excellent, it's fast paced action keeps the battles exciting and fun. It's probably one of the most addicting games you'll ever come to play. The feel of progression as you gain currency to purchase new upgrades, skills and child-friendly alcohol, and discover new things in the many dungeons of the game is just amazing. I remember getting the bow and getting the Power Shot down packed so that I could perform it every time I pulled back the string, but when I found the Musket I just gave it up and began pouring points into upgrading that weapon instead. Bastion gives you the chance to create the character that you want to be, it has an incredible amount of character customization that allows you to build the "Kid" how you want him to be. The game, though, is not a walk in the park, it tends to get difficult at times, but you aren't punished for failure as bad as many other games; you lose, return to the Bastion and head back to the level with very fast load times to back it up. But if the game is too easy, you can find God Statues and turn them on in a Halo-like fashion like you'd turn on skulls. You can increase enemy difficulty and at the same time gain bonus exp and currency.

Bastion is a very satisfying game and could get you hooked easily.