For an Arcade game (not a hater just saying) this is one hell of a bang for our bucks.  Seldom have I found a title that i felt was truly worth it (although they were purchased anyway).  A lot of it has to do with the addition of a new game+ after you beat it once.  But with this gem there’s so much more.  The story is a crafted masterpiece which is only helped by the great narration that is webbed throughout your entire journey.  The game play is fun and solid.  The light rpg element, which at first I was looking for more, surprised me as I became more engrossed in the combat and characters.  The choices you are asked to make really change very little but still draw an emotional response from the player.  The choices in weapon load outs and the added difficulty of shrines offers you the chance to play it how you would like.  As excited as I was to beat the game, I was even more so to start it all over again the moment the credits finished.