Bastion is a simple isometric dungeon crawler at it's core, this is nothing new in the industry. You are treated to a variety of weapons, different locales, and over a dozen enemy types. It does a solid job on all of these fronts, but these are not what make Bastion great. The single thing that really sets this downloadable apart is it's ever present narrator and the story of a world in pieces. The story and how it's presented will draw you through the game until the truth is finally laid out before you. The music is literally, the best music in a game I have heard this year. I have searched endlessly for the soundtrack without success. Also the art is beautiful, each character and environment looks hand drawn and from a storybook. All of these elements combine to give this game a truly unique and fun feel, despite it's common presentation. I would be lying if I said this wasn't a game everyone should download.