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Supergiant Reveals Bastion PC Release Date, Details, & Soundtrack

We'd heard before the end of the year. How about before the end of the month?

That's right. Bastion, one of our highest reviewed downloadable games ever, is set for release on August 16th. Supergiant made the announcement on their website, and shared some other details about the PC version.

The reworked port will run in 1080p resolution, and will include remappable PC controls in addition to gamepad support. The game will release DRM-free on Steam for $14.99. Other digital distribution services will also carry the game beginning later this year.

In related news, you can now purchase the full soundtrack for Bastion over at Bandcamp.

Have you played Bastion yet on XBLA? Will you be picking up the PC version?

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  • I want a ps3 version :(
  • Very nice original soundtrack.
  • Bastion is one of my favorite games ever.  Absolute perfection.

  • Gee DRM-Free on steam? Forget the actual game, that sounds like what the people want to me. (seriously I will pick this up and hope to enjoy the *** outa it, makes me think of Torchlight with a witty commentator)
  • Thank God! I'll finally be able to play this.

  • Still haven't played this, can't wait for it to come out on PC.

  • can someone tell me what this is???
  • Can't wait to download this from Steam! No really, I cannot physically wait. I've run out of games to play.

  • still working through it on my box

  • SO EXCITED! If I can't get it on PSN, I'm definitely picking it up on Steam!!

  • **BRAAAHHHH** steam  if only your pricing right in europe so i can get on release day -_-  

    i rather have a ps3 version but pc is fine too  just hate having to wait longer cause is stupid steam time-exclusive

  • still working through it on my box

    spree shopping

    = = = = = = =

  • This game better come to PS3 soon! I'm dying to play it.

  • Bastion is a really great game with a cool soundtrack
  • I love this game. Get it on whatever platform you can. It's amazing.

    It's funny but I've noticed that some of the smaller arcade titles of this generation have had a bigger effect on me than a lot of the big budget "AAA" games...

  • Great Game! PC Gamers: Get it, Enjoy it, Repeat.

  • Definitely going to persuade my friend who doesn't own an Xbox to buy this game. It really is so much more than a good "art game".

  • I love it! I was jealous of 360 owners and wondered when this would, if ever, come out on pc. I can't wait to get my hands on this.

    Hey blizzard, here's a quote from the Bastion site in regards to the features of it's pc release...

    "DRM-free: When you buy something it should be yours." -

    You should take note of this instead of slapping your fans in the face like you've done with Diablo III.

  • Schweeet. Oh wait, I might not have money for this so early. Crap.

  • Woo! I'm stoked. I don't have an Xbox, and this is great news. I've been bummed, but now I'm excited. Between this and Deus Ex, along with Torchlight 2 and Battlefield, The wait for Skyrim and Uncharted won't be as hard.

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