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Basement Crawl

A First Look At Bloober Team's Dark Take On Bomberman

Bloober Team has released the first screenshots from Basement Crawl, one of the numerous downloadable indie games set to arrive on the PlayStation 4.

In the game, players use traps and explosives to fight each other within one of the nine maze-like arenas. There are four classes to choose from, each with their unique play style and weapons. The characters and setting are disturbingly dark. Bloober Team has defined Basement Crawl as a macabre version of the classic Bomberman gameplay.

The game also puts great emphasis on multiplayer, allowing a maximum of four local players and eight players online. Standard online features like leaderboards, ranks, and party chat are available.

Basement Crawl does not have a concrete release date, but Bloober Team plans to make the 2013 PS4 launch window.

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  • This looks awesome! Can't wait to play this!
  • Heh, Bloober...
  • Bomberman is such a fun game so I can only expect this to go over well.

  • After Naughty Bear, I don't trust any virtual teddy bears, much less in a maze. . . :P

  • bomermine is the best bomberman.  a mmo bomberman with over 250 players.

  • I'll keep my eyes on this game.

  • I'm actually disappointed to hear this. It's *just* Bomberman? I mean, nothing's wrong with Bomberman - it's one of, if not THE, greatest multiplayer designs ever made. But marrying that gameplay to fun, colorful arcade visuals is just what it needs - because it's a fun, colorful, arcade design. What they're doing here seems unnecessary.

    Why couldn't they marry their macabre, dark, disturbing imagery to something more interesting or unique? Maybe a game where you play as the killer and hunt down would-be heroes? Something like a Naughty Bear? Or even TRAPT? I think a completely different design would be more fitting.

    If I want to play Bomberman, I'll play Bomberman. If people wanted "dark" and "gritty" in their fun multiplayer arcade game, Bomberman: Act Zero for the Xbox 360 would've been a HUGE hit.

  • looks pretty cute but I want something more less fantasyish. Can't those screenshots don't look awesome though.

  • Looks like Bomberman.

  • Just going by the looks of the screens this game looks like a lot of fun.
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  • I've never played Bomberman, so I may give this a try.

  • Looks interesting,looking forward to trying it

  • Looks like fun. Is this game multiplayer only?