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BandFuse: Rock Legends

Play Along To Songs From Pearl Jam, Blink 182, And Coldplay

BandFuse: Rock Legends, the game that strives to teach you how to play real instruments, is coming this fall.

The game will ship on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in three separate hardware bundles meant to offer players variety depending on the musical equipment they already own.

  • The Artist Pack ($69.99) includes the game and a 1/4” to USB guitar cable. 
  • The Band Pack ($79.99) includes two guitar cables, a microphone, multi-port instrument hub, and an acoustic guitar adapter. 
  • The Guitar Bundle includes the game, guitar cable, and a Fender Squier guitar. Its price will be announced later. 

BandFuse uses a familiar tablature interface to let beginner musicians play famous tracks. Check out our preview to see how ex-intern Louis Garcia learned to strum along to his favorite Linkin Park song. 

  • I'd be more interested if it had support for bass, but I have a guitar too. Might be worth checking out... Edit... Nevermind... I just googled this game. It does support bass, vocals and keyboard. I'm interested now:)
  • Seems cool for someone wanting to learn to play guitar, I learned the old fashion way when I was 11 years old lol. My question is how many people will buy this because not everyone learning will want to play Billy Idol or Heart songs, unless the program also includes bands like Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, and Blind Guardian.
  • I assume that Louis Garcia's enjoyment of Linkin Park is why he's a former intern.
  • Holy crap, finally. It seems like this game has been in development forever.

    Rocksmith already has a huge head start and with Rocksmith 2 coming out this fall I wonder if this game can even catch up at this point.
  • I was interested in Bandfuse when I first heard about it, even disappointed when it got delayed. Then I discovered Rocksmith.

  • Wow!! They are still making music/rhythm games??

  • "coming this fall" is not exactly a release date but better than nothing. :D