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Passing tips


Passing tips

    Some of these might sound like common sence for passing the ball in any game but other football games are not like this one so the rules are much more strict as the DBs are very good.

1)  Shotgun is the best formation for passing, you can have success with under center plays but shotgun gives you the adventage of more time in the pocket and a better view of the field for spoting recievers.

2) Never throw into double coverage, in other games you can get away with this and most of the time the worst that happens is an incomplete pass. in backbreakers 1 in 10 will be complete but the other 9 have a 90% chance of being intercepted.

3)  Watch your reciever if he breaks off of his route then chances are the DB is going to make the play and not your reciever, it also gives a good chance the QB will throw to where you should have been and not where you are and in this game thats an INT.

4)  I have found that slants to the outside are the best bet. You can make them long or short and if your in single coverage then you have a great chance of completing the pass. This is due to the safetys playing the middle of the field unless you go deep on a streak route. there will be times that the outside slant is double covered, this is the best time to hit your man over the middle with the safety outside the cover man has no backup. Good news is there are a good amount of plays that give you in and out patterns of long and short both going out to put the DBs in single coverage.

5) Take the sack. if you scan your recievers and you have one off his route and the other is double coverd by the time you get to the third you will most likely only have enough time to throw the ball without looking to see his status, dont do it, recovering lost yards from a sack is much easier to deal with then loosing possesion of the ball.

6) Avoid the hail mary, this is not madden, and with this play it is more realistic in that if you throw a long bomb into a zone that has 3 guys deep on both your long recievers it will get intercepted unless you are very very lucky and the defenders run into each other trying to make the pick. i saw this in an online game the other day when i got up by a TD early in the forth qtr. he just started droping back and throwing long bombs. This method earned him 3 sacks and 2 ints that put me up by 2 TD and then he quit with 2 min left.

7) If the run is working keep doing it. pass on third and long and stick to something simple, a 15 yard slant to the TE works very well and if you can shake the first guy you can take it for big yards. if you realy enjoy the pass keep them under 20 in the air any deeper and you risk an int. get it to him quick make the safety miss and your gone for big yardage.

    I hope these tips are helpfull i have had some success passing by following these rules. I have pulled 60% plus comp. and under 5 ints with yardage in the high 300 to 400 range. good luck and if your having trouble running there will soon be a guide out that allows me to run for 250 ave a game with over 5yrd ave per carry.

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  • Wow thanks, this actually helped me out a lot!

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